Lines btween blocks

Im scripting a block placement system (but the problem is not in the scripting). Where you are able to place blocks as it shows the image:
The problem is that if you place blocks to near btwen themselves there appear some weird lines btween them:
Each block have a (3.5,3.5,3.5) size and the ones where the character is standing have the half in the Y axe.
I tried to place the blocks manually in the studio using the collisions mode and the lines continued displaying. (The blocks are perfectly placed at 3.5 studs of distance).
Idk what I can do to fix it. Any idea?


This is an issue with your computer graphics. It happens to me too.

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Then other users won’t see it?

I believe this is an issue with textures. Here’s a solution I found:

Instead of using textures for these parts, use decals.

The blocks on the left are textured using Textures, the blocks on the right are textured using Decals.

As you can see in the image above, this issue does not occur when using decals. I’m assuming you’re using textures.
I’m not sure if using decals is convenient enough for you, but it seems like a pretty simple solution.

Hope this solves your problem!


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