Lines randomly added to my scripts

Lines are randomly being added to my scripts, and it sometimes causes them to crash what, is happening? Is this a backdoor?

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Please show us script / take a screen shot of it.

Check all of your plugins to see if they have viruses in them

im not pressing shift+enter

Restart studio and see if it is still happening

it was one of my plugins. I removed all of them to be safe. Thank you. Im really not sure which it was, but they were all legit.

What plugins do you have installed


Which plugins were you using? Some plugins may appear to be legit, but they are not. Check the authors of the plugins you had. If their profile seems sketchy report the plugin they made and the account. There are many “Dupes” of plugins that have backdoors. I suggest checking the author of a plugin before installing it.

I doubt it was actually malicious, it most likely was just a bug.

I would try to figure out which plugin did this so you could attempt to contact the dev

If you go to your plugins, press Manage Plugins, at the top you will see all the plugins that need updates. It might just need an update.

Alright, I’ll check. I didnt really use them thought so i’ll stay safe for now and avoid them.

iirc ThreeDText 2 was made by XAXA, that one look sus

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yep your right, it was a fake thanks