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The following style guides and glossary offer linguistic guidance for producing accurate and fun translations for Roblox experiences. They’ll help you keep terminology and style consistent with the platform and offer handy tips on dealing with “DNTs” (Do Not Translate) like tags and usernames.

General Translation Guidance

Addressing users

  • The tone and voice used in experiences should generally be casual and conversational. No need for formalities.

Usernames (DNT)

  • Usernames, just like the IRL, should not be translated. Usernames are often easy to detect, especially when they are prefaced with an @ sign, e.g. @builderman.

Tags (DNT)

  • You may come across tags in curly brackets while translating experience strings. Most often, they represent a number, e.g. {number1}, or a player, e.g. {player1}, {Player_Name} or {Display_Name}.

  • Do not translate the contents of the tags, for example:
    EN: You earned {number1} rewards.
    DE: Du hast {number1} Belohnungen erhalten.

  • A string may have multiple tags in them. Note that the order may change in your translation, e.g. for dates:
    EN using US date format MM/DD/YYYY:
    A new reward unlocks in {number1}/{number2}/{number3}.
    DE using German date format DD.MM.YYYY:
    Eine neue Belohnung gibt’s am {number2}.{number1}.{number3}.


  • Key terminology, such avatar, Robux, and inventory should be used consistently to make it easier for the users to follow. Avoid the use of synonyms for essential Roblox terms.


  • As you know, one word can have many different meanings. Consider the context before deciding on a translation, e.g. does the term apply more likely refer to a job application or UI button? Feel free to ask the developer if you’re unsure.

Language Specific Style Guides

For the time being, we offer language specific guidance for German, Japanese and Thai. More languages to follow.


  • Use informal du to address the user. Wir sind doch unter uns :wink:

  • Avoid literal translations. We want to convey concepts, not words. Sometimes, it’s better to take a step back to make a translation sound natural. Which translation would you pick for the last man standingder letzte stehende Mann or der letzte Überlebende? Or maybe you have an even better idea. Feel free to share in comments.

  • Stick to German punctuation and letter case. English title case capitalization does not apply in German, for example:
    EN: The Little Prince
    DE: Der kleine Prinz

  • Texts that are written in ALL CAPS, on the other hand, should be reflected in the translation, for example:

  • Keep it short - German text is usually longer than its English counterpart and takes up more space. This can lead to truncations, i.e. cut-off or overlapping texts in the UI.

  • Look it up! The Duden, for example, is an excellent reference for spelling and grammar.


  • Dialogs - Use casual language. Match the style with the character’s personality, age and gender. Pronouns should change based on the character’s personality.

  • Instructions, systems messages, disclaimers should generally be in polite form. Taigendome can be used to match any style.

  • Experience description - Try to use consistent style throughout the description. (Do not mix casual and Teineigo. Use Taigendome as needed.)

  • Try to be concise and write in short phrases for in-experience directions such as Click here or back as these phrases could be buttons and cannot be too long.


  • Always omit the period (.)

  • Keep “!” and “?” the same as the source.

  • Place one space after a repetition mark (), such as in รายการอื่นๆ อีกมากมาย

  • When handling placeholders {number1} that will be replaced with Thai text, you don’t need to include spaces before and after the placeholder. However, if the placeholder’s value might be a number or English text, or if you’re uncertain about its value, it’s advisable to include a space before and after it to avoid grammatical issues.

    • Example:
      EN: You have {number} items
      TH: คุณมีไอเท็ม {number} ชิ้น
  • For dialogues, use informal language reflecting the character’s personality and context. Match the tone to the character’s role.

    • Example: Casual for friends
      สวัสดี, สบายดีไหม, ฉัน, เธอ
    • Example: Use polite expressions for senior or authoritative figures
      สวัสดีค่ะ/ครับ, สบายดีไหมค่ะ/ครับ, ผม/ดิฉัน, คุณ
  • For Instruction or system message, use formal, clear and concise language.

    • Example:
      EN: Please select your items
      TH: โปรดเลือกไอเท็มของคุณ
  • When handling a question sentence, ensure that the Thai translation is also phrased as a question.

  • If applicable, ensure your sentence shows the appropriate tense or action required for the translation.

  • Please translate (แปลภาษา) or transliterate (ทับศัพท์) as much as possible; avoid leaving text in English unless it’s DNT (Do Not Translate) or a proper name that should remain in English such as Roblox, Robux.

    • Example: translate or transliterate words like lobby (ล็อบบี้), teleport (เทเลพอร์ต), device (อุปกรณ์), event (กิจกรรม), code (รหัส), quest (ภารกิจ)
  • Please refer to the platform’s translation when available as a spelling guideline to maintain consistency.


Follow the glossary to ensure consistency with key Roblox terminology.

English Description German Japanese          Thai
experience a creation on Roblox that users can visit, game Erlebnis バーチャル空間 ประสบการณ์
Robux the virtual currency of Roblox Robux Robux Robux
avatar a visual representation of the user used in games and social features Avatar アバター อวาตาร์
inventory a place that holds avatar items Inventar 持ち物 คลังไอเท็ม
friend a designation that allows additional interaction between two users Freund, Freundin 友達 เพื่อน
creator a community member that creates on Roblox Creator, Creatorin クリエーター ครีเอเตอร์
Obby obstacle course Obby 障害物アスレ อ็อบบี้
item an individual article (for avatars, on the marketplace…) Artikel アイテム ไอเท็ม

For information on Roblox localization tools, check out Tips and Tricks for Translators.

Thank you, and happy translating!


This will help improve consistency with Roblox vocabulary and terms across the platform, and will also help games improve their translation quality!


Fairly sure almost no one hire translators in favor of the automatic translation system
(which is quite notorious for being inaccurate)

However this guide is fairly basic and cover what a beginner in translating on roblox should knows.