Linked Source Question


I am making a game right now and it has multiple universes. To combat copying and pasting code I am using dozens of linked sources. This is my first time using linked sources, so, I am wondering if there are some things I should know about them. I have seen some people have been having trouble with linked sources, but this was back in 2017/18. I am just wondering if these problems still persist or if there are any new problems with them. I am also wondering if there is a limit to how many I should use.


First off, from my understanding Linked Sources are only for a game, it cannot span multiple games. I’m not sure about what you mean with “multiple universes”. Maybe you mean multiple places? If so, that’s good and that is what Linked Sources are for.

Anyways, I use Linked Sources a lot in my game Notoriety and I have had no problems at all for at least a whole year if not longer.
As you can see, I mean a lot, there are dozens more:
My game has over 19 places in it and Linked Sources make it one thousand times faster for me to update my code. I would recommend them. As for how many you should use: use as many as you can to prevent yourself from copying/pasting code every time you are updating your places in the game. That’s a waste of time!