Linking c++ with Roblox Api

What I want to achieve is getting datastore data from a roblox api key / universe. I want the data to be accessed by C++ and can be further used down the line. There is not many tutorials on how to do this using C++ since its mainly javascript, so I figured I would ask here!

Thank you for your time!
If you have any suggestions or solutions please let me know!

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This would just be done using C++ HTTP requests and the roblox API library - which is extremely well documented. Iā€™m unsure as to what you want?


i just want to understand how to get and print data for a specific user in c++ like:
universeid/datastores/player1/coins < this would be an example of how i think it should work, and this would return how many coins the player1 has

if you have the link to the documentation, could you please provide it?