Linter reports wrong number of arguments passed to AncestryChanged

The script linter is always reporting that I am using the wrong number of arguments when connecting to AncestryChanged, including when I am passing the correct amount (two):

  1. With zero arguments passed (works as intended):
  2. With one argument passed (works as intended):
  3. With two arguments passed (broken):
  4. With three or more arguments passed (works as intended):

Reproduction steps:

  1. Create a script in an empty baseplate with “Enable New Lua Script Analysis” turned on in the beta features menu, and paste the following source code:
local part ="Part")
part.AncestryChanged:Connect(function(a, b)
    -- !!!!!
  1. The last three lines should be highlighted with a yellow underline and a warning will be displayed in the Script Analysis widget.

The bug happens in the Studio code editor on the latest version (0.439).

EDIT: Adding return nil to the end of the connected function silenced the warn.