Lion Hotels | Rank Information

Hello! This says information about all of the ranks.

Hotel Guest: They have no roles or responsibilities.

Awaiting Training: They are training to be a staff member, they need to attend a training to start working.

LR Roles:

Reception: They are expected about checking people in and out of rooms and answering any questions the guests may have.

Bar: They give people food and drinks and make sure everyone is well fed during their stay.

Security: They make sure the hotel is protected from exploiters/trollers and reporting to a HR.

Head of Security: They make sure security is working probably and not abusing their powers.

MR Ranks:

Staff Assistant: They are our first MR rank. Their job is to help out at all of the LR’s rank and make sure they are doing it right.

Hotel Supervisor: Their job is to oversee the LR’S and make sure everyone is following our rules. They are also expected to work at the bar/reception if no staff are there. They are also expecting to train Trainees at the training centre.

Shift Manager: They have admin to help do their job. They are to make sure the shift is running smoothly and report and trollers etc to higher ranks. They can also fail/pass people at training, they are training to be high ranks.

HR Ranks:

Communications Officer: They are our first role of HR. They are expected to host regular training and interviews. And to be active so we can monitor you.

Board of Directors: They are more trusted then Communications officers they supervise MR’s to make sure everything is ok.

President: They are working to be SHR and their job is to address any concerns to the SHR/HC team about anything going on in the hotel, Also need to host training/shifts.

SHR Roles:
Note: From this role up you are a trusted member of the team you can easily get demoted.

Chairperson: Chairpersons are responsible for dealing with the goings at Lion, as well as solving disputes with lower ranks and helping with the selection process for new High Ranks. They still need to host training’s etc.

Trusted SHR: A Trusted SHR is a trusted member of staff they are to oversee all staff at the hotel and at training, they can rank, moderate and ban people. All Trusted SHR are chosen by William, (Chairman).

HC Roles:

Developer: They are a HC member of staff they are chosen by the Chairman and Vice Chair Women’s with advice from the Head Developer to build and script our games and also create merch. They are a trusted member of the team.

Head Developer:
This rank is reserved for Fha12, there is no way to get this rank.

Vice Chairman: This role is reserved for Madaxe11. There is no way to get this rank.

Chairman: This role is reserved for IgnorantWilliam2008 there is no way to get this rank.

Any questions make sure to ask! :smiley: