Lis Admin Plugin

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Hello everyone!
Im here to show you the last plugin I made: The Lis Admin Plugin!
This Admin system has options to manage your game in a very easy way!
This plugin allows you to:

  1. Create a banlist managed in the plugin
  2. Manage list of settings and console commands to execute them
  3. Seat the admins since the plugin that will be able to use InGame commands in the game

The plugin has this settings at the moment where you can import a function usable in the game by a command. Just select a .txt or .lua file. That is how it should looks like:

return function(UserName, ExtraInfo)
	local player = game.Players[UserName]
	if player and player.Character then
		local Line ="Highlight")
		Line.Parent = player.Character
		Line.Adornee = player.Character

Here you have the file to use it in the game if you want it:
Nota.txt (236 Bytes)

To use the banlist, you just need to write UserId ot User name Important: Username, don’t take the display one.
The same working is applied to the Admin lis. To use the Commands in the game, just chat “!Lis”.
It will display a menu with lots of options!