List of instances that render over transparent parts

The following instances render over transparent parts:

  • ImageHandleAdornment
  • LineHandleAdornment
  • SelectionSphere’s outer shell (not inner “surface”)
  • Handles’ grab spheres*
  • ArcHandles’ axes rings (grab spheres are fine)*

* Note the dots inside Handles’/ArcHandles’ grab spheres are rendered over transparent parts because they are set to AlwaysOnTop – this can be verified by setting the blocker’s Transparency to 0, as the dots will still be visible over it.

Repro.rbxl (24.4 KB)


Setting AlwaysOnTop on a BoxHandleAdornment doesn’t work as well. I haven’t tried it on any other of the adornments.

You need to set ZIndex >= 0 for AlwaysOnTop to work – HandleAdornments default to a ZIndex of -1. Not sure if this is intended or a separate bug – if it’s purposeful, it’s not very intuitive.