List of things banned in FRP

List of things banned from FRP:

((Take note! this refers to Free role play rules; FRP rules are for public servers— you have free reign and control for private hosted servers.

This list is subject to change and be updated at any moment. The meta for rules is constantly changing.))

Anything that is a clone of an already existing technique is not allowed.

Rinnegan , reason being: Too powerful and versatile. Also in cases where characters have donated/ transferred these eyes RPers will be unlikely to count the disadvantages of being an original owner.

Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and anything reducing its punishment, reason being: too powerful + people will try to kill an random side rp character to get themselves MS. They will also ignore huge chakra drainage from usage of EMS and MS.

Tenseigan, reason being: too op.

Otsutsuki characters— and any relation to them, More info: any relation to eating a shinju fruit (or something similar), aliens from outer space, or reincarnations is not allowed.

Dating other users— entirely. You can only date an offscreen character you created. If another player is RPing as the character it isn’t allowed.

Being related OR heavily inspired to canon characters , Earth & Nazo; This can be visually or copying the entire character.

You can use Nazo’s character engine to make your favorite characters in the game but they aren’t allowed to be used in free roleplay, only out of character (OOC).

-Akatsuki & Akatsuki clones. Rogue ninja groups are fine, any too similar to Akatsuki is not allowed. Mercenaries? Thats okay-- collecting tailed beasts for a higher plan? Not okay.

  • Rogues cannot be within the inner-city as it makes no sense for them to freely roam villages. Rogue characters are to be treated as rogues: a threat to the common people and enemies to every village.

If you are RPing as a rogue character that means you don’t have PTK ((Permission to kill)) protecting you inside villages. PTK is only on for rogues outside of villages.

-RPing as Canon-characters from ANY series. You cannot be an already existing character, it should be something you originally created.

  • With that included, all characters have to use chakra. Using ninja-tech from Boruto series is the only exception. To further clarify, chakra is a ninjas energy & stamina. So what ever techniques your character users must use chakra as stated before.

-Free RP Groups cannot control or dictate others outside of their RP group. Other players can decline and do not have to be obligated to follow your RP. With that said, if you want to be included in an RP you should generally agree to the rules established with the people you are RPing with.

Forcing permission to kill, More info: Both users must agree to kill off the person in topic. If someone does not agree, their character just faints.((This doesn’t count for rogues within villages. If a rogue is in a village they do not have PTK to protect them.)) This also covers the theft of techniques or body parts. Dojutsu cannot steal kekkei genkai. Any techniques that are martial art moves or ninjutsu from the five natures are not protected by this.

Reviving characters, More Info: You cannot revive characters at all. No edo tensei.


Going beyond tiers of town-level ((Blowing up planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes)) reason being, because it’s unrealistic levels of destruction for the map.

Lightspeed movement, reason being: People misuse lightspeed movement and attacks-- near lightspeed is also banned.

Here’s an explanation for teleportation and body flickers. Teleportation is the instantaneous movement between space and time, from point A to B. There is no travel time, it is the fastest anything can move. Teleportation does not include the combat or reaction speed of the user to be instantaneous, therefore it is entirely impossible for someone to be able to teleport and “remain faster”. When landing from a teleportation technique, you are ||vulnerable|| to someone who can fight or react better than you can.

As for body flicker, that is NOT instantaneous movement. In the simplest sense, it’s just “moving very fast,” but for scaling, someone’s highest speed may not even be impressive to someone of a higher speed limit. In a sense, flickering someone who is faster than you will only make you seem to move in slow-motion in their vision, and is utterly useless. If you’re flickering make sure it someone slower than your speed. It cannot be **used to break out of an attack, think of it as moving fast, not warping from point A to B. If you’re grabbed, or disabled, you CANNOT FLICKER

Hybrids, reason for why most are banned: BY NAZO LORE, it is ILLEGAL for people to mate outside of their clan. By lore standard, there is no way a ninja would be able to use two separate clan abilities unless they are exiled and outlawed from their village. They will be a person-to-kill no matter what. This is because teaching clan abilities to those who are not of legitimate bloodlines is sign of betrayal and is exposing secret techniques to people that are unworthy. Hence, Hybrids are not allowed in general-- the only hybrids allowed are the following: Uzumaki + Hoki.


  • Dust Release: Particle Style
  • Absorption
  • All forms of teleportation are banned. Any instantaneous movement from point A to B is not allowed.((Weapons are fine and objects are fine via scroll is fine. Summoning animals is also fine.))

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