ListDataStoresAsync datastore function has zero documentation

This datastore method has no documentation at all and gives an error whenever run in the command bar, in a script in Studio, or in a live game. It’s a bit of a mystery :thinking:
It does sound like it would be useful and I would like to know more about it.
The dev hub page
The error: “400: API not supported”
I assume because it takes a page size that it’s supposed to return some kind of page object if you can somehow get it to work.
It takes a “prefix” string value as a parameter which I assume to mean you could search for datastores whose name start with a certain pattern.
This method would be very nice as I don’t really like how the datastores kind of feel like a BlackBox of sorts.
If this method is for Roblox use only and that’s why I just get an error then the dev hub page needs to say this instead of getting my hopes up : P

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This function could be part of the big datastores update thats in the works, so no documentation will be released until the update is out. Ive never heard of it before so i assume its apart of it.


Hey! Yeah, this is not actually released yet, hence it having no documentation/ability to use it. Keep an eye out for an announcement thread!


I belive it is something like Datastore2’s Back thingy? I don’t know for what is prefix tho

No lol, this is to list keys inside a normal datastore, not ordered. They say they’ll have a option to get older data, but it doesn’t seem way much better than DS2. Since it seems like it’s gonna be manual.

Oh this is interesting actually, they didn’t talk about a prefix?

Oh, now I’m excited! I would love some improvements to the Datastore service! Thanks for the answer!

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