Literally how? I don't understand how Club Sanity, Club Insanity did this dancefloor?

Okay so I’m legit trying to hire people for 40 USD to exactly recreate club insanity/Club sanity’s dancefloor and everyone keeps renaming parts, or not making it look smooth or using parts and I want everything just like how it is in this picture regardless.

So how would I do the sliding function that club insanity/club sanity had where the dancefloor like slides by in rows changing the white to the color and so on then goes back here’s examples.

I legit don’t get it. HOW DID THEY DO THIS?! I want it exactly like club insanity’s dancefloor.

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They probably just had a Sequence of Data for the Code to loop through, Applied it to the Parts under a specific order, and then Made it Disapear using Interpolation, or commonly known as Lerp.
If not then its most likely using a for loop and changing the Transparency based on Incrementation (However that is also how Lerp functions so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

I don’t even know those words…

Every row of squares is parented inside a model, then a for loop goes through the models with a little delay (e.g. 0.1) and makes their Transparency 1. This is really easy to do.

Yeah but how do they do the rows?

Take 1 row of squares, group them into a model. Then do that for every other row.

They group all the parts in a row. Then they iterate like this:

for rowid = 1, #rows:GetChildren() do
    local row = rows["Row"..rowid]
    for _, part in pairs(row:GetChildren()) do
        part.Color = currentColor -- set row color here

They didn’t group anything tho they had all the textlabels in frame and just had the scripts