Little help with Touch event

Okay so i’m creating a VR game (using nexus vr thingy since idk how to create my own ‘multiplayer vr’)

But i’m having a bit of trouble with the sword script.
in vr if the Collision is enabled it can collide with the ground and stuff (obviously) but if u have it in hand and point it at the ground it glitches weirdly.

So i thought of just having CanCollide disabled and making a script that enabled when it sees a specific part. In this case it would be a part named “part” inside a tool.
So i tried putting one tool model of that sword in workspace and one in starterpack for you to equip. But it doesnt seem to work.

pictures and script >>>


local tool = game:GetService("StarterPack"):WaitForChild("Tool") -- Replace with the path to your tool in the StarterPack
local partA = workspace.Sword.Blade -- Replace with the part in the Workspace
local partB = tool.Blade -- Replace with the part in the tool

local function onPartATouched(otherPart)
	if otherPart:IsDescendantOf(tool) and otherPart == partB then
		-- partA touched partB in the tool
		partA.CanCollide = true
		partB.CanCollide = true
		print("partA touched partB in the tool!")
		partA.CanCollide = false
		partB.CanCollide = false
		print("Parts aren't touching")

-- Connect the Touched event of partA

Have you checked if the CanTouch property is on? If it isn’t, turn it back on because this determines if the .Touched events will fire in this part.

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Yes, the CanTouch property is enabled

I think it has to do with line one of your script.

Try this script:

although it didn’t work. it did bring me a bit closer.

so what it does is as normal yeah it enables the collision but it doesnt do it on both swords. it kinda acts like an switch now :woman_shrugging:

and it kinda makes sense that its just script.parent lol

If you put the script inside each tool ?

yeah, it’s in both tools exactly the same. copy pasted.

I don’t know if this is what you were going for, but instead of using a .touched event to make them collide, why don’t you try a collision group instead?

Make a collision group here, under the “Model” tab:

This could replace the script in each sword:

PhysicsService = game:GetService("PhysicsService")

Tool = script.Parent

-- Assign tool blade to pre-made group
Tool.Blade.CollisionGroup = "Swords"

-- Make it so they can't collide with anything else but each other
PhysicsService:CollisionGroupSetCollidable("Swords","Default", false)
PhysicsService:CollisionGroupSetCollidable("Swords","Swords", true)

If you want to learn more about collision groups, a link to the documentation is here

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oh wow i completely forgot about collision groups, it never even crossed my mind.

I will definitely try this out. If it works how i have it in mind it makes the parry system easier to work with.

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