Little Lands Updates & Attribution

Little Lands

Release notes:

We’re ready for a soft release! We’re looking forward to you starting your lives in Little Lands. We’ve got a lot of exciting updates planned but should you find any bugs or have any great suggestions, please let us know via our links on the game description or through our twitter.


New map is now live!

We’ve got a lot planned but our in progress update includes:

  • More world activities incl. more jobs and arcade games
  • Added functionality to building system (this one’s going to get crazy soon)
  • More building decorations and items


Version 0.2.06-b
  • Added fire truck
  • Added kitchen sink
  • Added new like goals
  • Improved build mode
  • Bug fixes
Version 0.2.05-b
  • Free private servers
  • QoL updates to building
  • Improved lighting objects in houses so users have more control
  • Added mower
  • Map changes to reduce memory
  • Bug fixes
Version 0.2.04-b
  • Reduced part count of map to reduce memory
  • Optimisations to improve loading time
  • Bug fixes
Version 0.2.03-b
  • Added more food & drinks
  • Added more interactable objects
  • Added more roleplay items (accessible through Backpack → Roleplay)
  • Updated & improved sound zones
  • Improved user interface and controls
  • Bug fixes

May not be live in older servers:

  • Minor update to car logic
  • Improvements to fireman/janitor job for people with low latency devices
Version 0.2.02-b
  • Cars are now only towed if you have parked them in inappropriate places
  • Some items, including trees, are now dynamically instantiated on the client to reduce memory usage
  • Improvements to map design
  • Bug fixes
Version 0.2.01-b
  • Completely new city and neighbourhood design is now LIVE!
  • New roleplay items and interactions
  • Starter character creation is now optional
  • Updated plot sizes
  • Added more forageable areas
  • Bug fixes
Version 0.1.05-b
  • Added skirting boards, railings and covings
  • Added world markers so that players can find their way through the town easier
  • Rotation is now preserved when stamping & cloning objects
  • Floors are now double-sided to allow you to edit the colour/material etc. of the ceiling
  • Increased the building limit
  • Mood debuffs have been lowered meaning they will reduce at a slower rate
  • Recreated the starter house
  • Bug fixes
Version 0.1.04-b
  • Car controller update
  • Improved scooter, bicycle and skateboard base class
  • Rebalanced speeds of gears and vehicles in game
  • Bug fixes
Version 0.1.03-b
  • Improved context handling for interactions
  • Added towing mechanic to declutter workspace of cars
  • Bug fixes
Version 0.1.02-b
  • Added tutorial
  • Bug fixes
  • Increased base pay of jobs
Version 0.1.01-b
  • Added ‘Promotions’ - players gain experience through the completion of jobs, which increases their overall earning potential!
  • Updated job UI.
  • Added more materials!
  • Added more items!
  • Improved Character Editor.
  • Bug fixes



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