Little Question to Humanoid:EquipTool()

Hello there!

I am currently working on a Inventory/Backpack System and i have got a question:
If i call Humanoid:EquipTool(tool instance) or Humanoid:UnequipTools() from a Local Script. Does it show up for every player or only for the Client?

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Since a LocalScript is Client-Sided, it is only for the Client I would guess.

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I’d assume it replicates since the developer hub documentation doesn’t have a [notreplicated] tag and doing things to your character’s humanoid usually replicates to other players


Thanks for you´re fast replies!

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It replicates automatically. I’ve been using it for my Custom Backkpacks, and it worked perfectly for other clients. It is because you have Network Ownership over your character, including the Humanoid.