Little something I did after following a realism tip

Hello! So, I’m a beginner builder and just started a few days ago. Ran across a tip for creating showcases like yesterday night (Building and Showcase TIPS! [Update!] - #2 by AerialsAbove)

And happened to follow the brick path. Then I worked with lighting a little bit (still have no idea how to do it but I’m working on it.) and even built a little building (not done) and added some trees. Feedback would be appreciated! (criticism, feedback not insults please. thank you.) This is a first attempt by the way, please don’t expect me to be a complete pro lol.


Very lovely, absolutely love it. As someone with a potato for a computer; I would hope that if this was a showcase I could run. If you’re making this on Blender, make sure to delete vertices that aren’t able to be seen (like the bottom of the bricks) it saves a lot of lag! Other than that, it’s immaculate and I love how it’s going so far!

Really, really awesome! I’d play around with a very light fog in the air, and DepthOfField settings. You’ve got something with great potential here!

Nice job! I like that you used a dummy also. I don’t know how may times I’ve thrown something together quickly only to join the game and find it is tiny, or huge compared to a a character!