Little 'Village' Feedback

Hello, I’ve been barely working on this for the past few days or so and would like feedback on it.
Just things to disclose;

  • I don’t have blender or any tool to make better builings
  • I can barely build anything
  • I’m bad at aesthetics or anything technical

Please give me any and all feedback, and ways to improve it.
(It’s still slightly a WIP)

Picture 1


Picture 2



Not a massive fan of how all the houses are the same and I kinda feel they don’t massively look like houses due to the textures and the size.


How could I make them different while trying to keep the same sorta feel that I’m going for?

Not really sure they just don’t look right to me. Good work though if you can’t build very well.

I like it, I get what sort of vibe you are trying to get across, maybe add some more details to the walls on the houses themselves to break up the vast amount of white bricks a bit more.
You could make one half a different colour or maybe bring out the top floor a bit to give it a bit more to look at.

I like the setting, maybe add some trees in where theres the big area of empty grass. I like to search on google images for some inspiration for what I should add to the outside to make it feel a bit more likely.

I would also thicken the roof a tiny bit if it was me personally.

But aside from that I think it’s a really nice build for someone who says they can barely build anything and can easily be expanded upon in so many ways. :smile:

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  • Thicken the roof part, looks a little too thin to me.

  • Add more detail to stuff like the windows and doors, maybe make some houses have slightly different variants of doors and windows (some doors having glass parts, some windows having seperators and ledges.

  • I would suggest adding some white lines to the road, ensure you dont make them too big though.

  • Also maybe give only some houses the plant next to the door or make different plant variants for some houses to give them some character. Also you could maybe give them chimneys if it fits in. (Lots of houses I see around me have chimneys but it might not apply to where youre basing your buildings off of.)

  • Maybe you could add some trees in the grassy area to add some nature and fill some empty space.

This is a great build though, building in studio detailed can be difficult sometimes but you did a good job especially for someone who says

I can barely build anything

but you clearly can build well. Keep going and I am sure you will get even better :smiley:

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Follow up using some of the feedback from @OfficiallySpxro and @Eeveepower2,

Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4


Thanks for feedback, anything else with these new ones?

Definitely looks more pleasing to the eye now and like there’s a lot more going on in the village. I’ve found when making places like this feel alive, things like the ladder you added make such a massive impact.
You could even add some bins outside or change the windows to resemble some lights being on and some being off. Maybe some chimneys too?

I love picture 4 particularly by the way. It really shows all the best parts of the build. It’s definitely getting the inspiration flowing for a street I’m currently building


Looks much more lively! Loving the new colours for the houses (replacing brown with dark red, adding different yellow variants in the walls.) And adding the different doors I mentioned! Like @OfficiallySpxro said, the ladder is a great addition too.

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Bins? Like garbage ones? Lights? Like the things that bring light? Okay then, @OfficiallySpxro you wanted it.

Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4


Changed it to dawn? dusk? idk which it is. Sunset, I’ll call it that, so the pictures look better. I’ll work on refining the bins some other time.

I get what your trying to do but in terms of “adding detail to the houses”, as people have said, I can put it more into context.
You could Make the windows black and not medium stone grey so it is more realistic and you could add columns in the windows sort just to add dimension.
You could Make the doors less vibrant.
You could redo the pot plant by getting a stick and getting a block at the top of the stick and rotating it around and changing its transparency to 0.2, its color to green, and its material to grass, which is what I used to do as a beginner to make a good enough pot plant.
You could also add different variation to to the roofs which can give a more unique effect so for example you could add 2 wedges pointed from the back of the house to the front of house so you get a triangle roof from the front look of the house and then lace your burgundy roof on that and with the roofs being different you can a more home feeling when your first impression of them I guess.
Now I don’t recommend free models but at your stage in building I feel its good but make sure if any free models are used in your game make sure they have the same style as your game otherwise people can easily see its a free model because it’s the odd one out.
A final way you could add more detail is adding rims to stuff so for instance you could add thin metal light grey rim to that grass pot thing outside the front the homes which surprisingly is effective. Anyways I hope this is useful. Happy days!

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