[Live] Changes to Game Passes

The most confusing part is that this seems to be a warning coming from a core GUI.


Yeah, the purchase prompt still needs to be updated in some places. Fix is on the way


Hi all,

We are currently looking into an issue with game passes. If you know of any other issues please make sure to create a new bug report on the Developer Forum for it and link it here.

Here’s the latest update on it.


To clarify, list of known gamepass issues:

  • Purchase event not replicating to server
  • Ability to purchase gamepasses multiple times
    • Players are only charged once
    • This also causes a bug where it displays the final Robux balance as higher than the predicted since the player wasn’t charged
  • Purchase prompt showing incorrect or no thumbnail
  • Purchase prompt triggers warnings in output
  • Purchase prompt refers to gamepass as “product” instead of “gamepass”
  • IconImageAssetId is not set for product info returned by gamepasses
  • GetProductInfo fails for off-sale gamepasses
  • Purchased gamepasses are added to end of inventory instead of beginning
    • Only happens when purchased in-game

As posted on other threads, most of these have fixes on the way, but the newly reported ones have all been logged internally as well.


That list has eight more items than it should.

Thank you for logging this, and for the dev team for being so quickly on-the-case; but we should not be forced to switch to a system which is clearly not ready.


Here are two more issues which aren’t listed above yet.


Pretty scary that something so critical to a game would be shipped out with so many issues. For a new game you basically have to depend completely on this new system.


Have the issues been fixed yet?

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No - please don’t continue to bug Roblox staff members with asking if the issues have been fixed as that is not helping anyone.

When they fix the bugs and release the fixes in the next update, they will make a post for everyone to see so everyone knows.

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I always miss updates because I don’t keep track of everything, so I’m commenting on the most prominent thread.
Someone said it might be fixed tonight, and it’s totally within the realm of possibility for everything to be working again + no announcement.

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Thanks for reporting these issues! We are looking into them.


I’m not sure if during the 24 hour downtime the issue has been addressed yet. I’ve checked devforums and the twitter; this holdup is a big deal for me because I can’t push a significant update to begin monetization.


They will post in this thread right here when they have an update. Please await that update!


We believe we have fixed the following issues:

  • PromptGamePassPurchaseFinished was not firing on the server
  • It appears possible to buy a gamepass multiple times (was not actually purchasing on subsequent attempts)

We are working on addressing some of the other issues.


Thanks so much!

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Please let one of the “other issues” be the fact that we can’t get product info for game passes with the new system.

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Just in time for the weekend; thank you

EDIT: It appears PromptGamePassPurchaseFinished still isn’t working, at the very least in test servers in Studio. Also after they buy it, calling “UserOwnsGamePassAsync” doesn’t work until they leave and rejoin.

Them buying the gamepass doesn’t cache properly on the server yet. If I call “UserOwnsGamePassAsync”, I think it grabs a cached version. I’m using Player.Id and the proper gamepass Id as arguments as well.

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We are deploying a fix for this bug in the next few days.


Test purchases in Studio do not appear to fire any of the new events which makes testing gamepasses frustrating.


The event appears to fire fine for me: Repro.rbxl (14.0 KB)

Can you verify that it works in this repro file? If it does, can you create a minimal repro file for the new events not firing and attach it to this thread?

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