[Live] Changes to Game Passes


I’d hope that we’ll be able to toggle comments on game passes when they’re back. If we can’t toggle them and are forced to keep them on, don’t include an option. I know for sure I don’t want comments on my game passes because they get used as a means of berating my games or spamming scam comments.


Found a minor issue. The game passes tab still exists on the favorites page even though it should have been removed since you can no longer favorite game passes.



My concern is that most of the comments under gamepasses relate to cheats or unwanted guides on how to obtain them.


is it just me or do test purchases not work in studio

Some Questions about the New Game Passes

It does not work. It doesn’t register the purchase and does not fire the event on the server.

this is a gamepass. As you can see, after buying it did nothing and I can buy it AGAIN.

Old gamepass id’s do not work with the new prompt either, I ahd to replace all the id’s after the change

Server code



game:GetService('MarketplaceService'):PromptGamePassPurchase(game.Players.LocalPlayer, ProductID)

How I get the ID’s:

When trying to buy a NEW gamepass, this message shows up in the console.

the only thing that is done locally is showing the prompt.


I spent like an hour trying to figure out what was happening
really hope they make test purchases work, real pain right now


That is not a test purchase, that is in a LIVE server :stuck_out_tongue:


oh well that’s even worse


The old ID’s you used aren’t game pass ID’s. Of course they don’t work with the new function.

As they said, all old game passes will have an asset ID and a game pass ID. New ones only have a game pass ID. This is for two reasons:

  1. To not break games that are no longer being updated
  2. To not temporarily break games that haven’t changed over to the new function


I did the same thing earlier, when they made the change all my old gamepasses got a new ID in the url, which I then copy pasted into the new system and I’m having the same problem as well. I’m not using the old asset IDs.


Yeah, I know there’s issues with it. Was responding to the specific piece I quoted.

Sorry if I caused a misunderstanding.


Bump this, I just noticed that new Game Passes have no web api info, and this broke a chrome plugin I made.


How do we get the old assetids for gamepasses that were created before(and thus have an assetid attached)?


Actually there has been a web api for this for months.



Still looking for an endpoint that deals with game pass ownership


My friend has issue with getting a Game Pass icon.
It will always use “0” as the image ID.

Is there any way to load those?


GetProductInfo returning IconImageAssetId as 0 seems to be a bug. Should be able to get the image ID again when that’s fixed.


Also not all the gamepasses I own show up in my inventory. Is that the case for anyone else?


For some reason me and my friend cannot change the price of our gamepass or put them onsale. I’m not sure if it’s because the gamepass is for a group. Is anyone else having the same issue?


How many do you have on sale under that game? There’s a limit of 15