Live Donation Help

How would I go about making a live donation system, like pls donate?

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You can use MessagingService to allow game servers to communicate with each other in real time.

How would I check everytime someone donates? It seems there is a limit.

You use this:

To check for a purchase then you use:

To send to each server to notify that a purchase has been made, and you can then add a text label into your live event board containing such data.

Yeah, but there is a limit. So how would I only check if a message was sent when they purchase something.

Please navigate me to the limit inside of:

So I can help provide you with alternatives.

Inside of MessagingService

It is very hard to reach those limits. You need to send just a json objects for example


Okay, thank you for your help.

Please let the trend die already :sob: