Live-Game Explorer[V3.2]

An interesting feature to consider could be ‘freezing’ the explorer through a keybind. Some objects may be very short-lived, and it can become hard to inspect their properties in time.


adding on to this, I think maybe there can be a History tab instead? You might not be able to pause it in time to see the Instance but with a history tab you would, um just make sure to add a search bar with filter

@tyridge77 amazing resource! would you be able to add a search feature with filters? just like Roblox Studio’s Explorer

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Not sure if this already has this but a folder of nil instances.

Just added this in the latest update!

Make sure to redownload the tool

Just out of curiosity, are there any plans of adding re-parenting/duplicating/deletion of instances?

Other than that, great resource. Helps with debugging stuff and finding issues that exist in the Live games that can’t be found in Studio.

Just installed this to my game, the game is first person so I had to modify it. Other than that it works perfectly!

You should allow everyone to access it, would be funny how people would react having access to the entire workspace. Or imagine giving access to a random player in the server, access to the Explorer/Datamodel, it would be hilarious what they’d do with it.

(I have no idea if changing the properties replicates those changes, if so it wouldn’t be that hard to remove that or limit it for private server or custom singleplayer mode regardless treat what i just said with grain of salt because i was making a joke)

this plugin is really good, secure and saves a ton of time

now u should make this paid and become rich

I’ve been using this for a good while and it has honestly been a joy to use.

Upgraded to the most recent version and I ran into a problem where if I got a TextScraper text too long-type warning, it would result in an infinite loop in the console menu which caused immense lag on my end. Resolved this by just setting the AutoLocalize property on the TextLabel within the message template to false. Hope this helps anyone dealing with similar issues.



Thanks, I forgot about that. Just updated it with this fix

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Anyone got idea why it doesn’t work, everything is in right place but menu simply wont come up when u press F2. I tried in actual game and in studio, without effect. I used default settings, nothing. Changed up a little bit with mine and still nothing…

local AccessID = "37514072"
return function(player)
	if player.UserId == AccessID then
		return true
		return false

Does this support exporting elements via scripts(for example you can make UI ingame and export it via creation script)?

Remove the “” from the UserId, currently you set its type as a string not a number.


No, you can only export client-side attribute/property changes back to studio using the export button and plugin

This is mostly useful for making changes to config/tuning values in replicatedstorage etc.

This is a really good tool. If I had to make a suggestion it would be to expand the dropdown for player selection a bit. The names are almost always cut off.
A search feature would be nice too if someone is bugged and I want to inspect them right away instead of having to find them in a list of 100 names

Amazing tool, this should deserve way more credit than it has.

The code is clean, secure and leaves no room for memory leaks, the interface is great (room for improvement though).

Will definitely be using this, great job!

Does the Roblox model have the latest version?

Yes I keep both the direct file and roblox model up to date, at some point I’ll probably clean this up a bit and properly distribute it on github

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Great and amazing tool! While there are other tools and APIs that share similarities, this brings everything together and is built very well, and is optimized for a comfortable user-friendly experience.

Keep up the work and updates I’m looking forward to the updates and improvements you have in store for this tool!

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