Live in San Francisco? Check out Bloxcisco City

So, a year ago, Bloxcisco was started, within in a year - we had a full fledged city, possibly the most dense city on ROBLOX at the time. However the game was canceled cause the scripter got stressed of connecting modules together.

So here’s an album of what would’ve been one of the most biggest maps on ROBLOX!
The builders were WhoToTrus (me) PandaWithNoName, and igotbored44 (Made the highway interchange and tower) Majority of the in-game GFX was made by me.


Do you plan on continuing this if you did get a new scripter?


I love the building but i’m questioning why you gave up due to a single scripter leaving? There’s a large pool to choose from. You might even find one that’s better than who you had!

Because I wasn’t the boss, the scripter himself was the owner of the studio, and he just canceled the project after a year of building.

That’s REALLY nice.

Extremely unrealistic traffic conditions though


Traffic gamepass coming soon!

Unrealistic. Where’s @KarlTheFog

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It has a name?

Yep. Are you from SF? I like your team’s recreation, by the way.

Nope, however Watch Dogs 2 did inspire me!

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Are u selling map cause I’m interested

Nah, sorry, I built the map with three other people. Plus it was built under the studio - GameLoaded.

Well I think you should get the game back in development
I can help fix the roads also it could be way… easier to drive and just the map up to not look so outdated so you want in?