Live Top Games Leaderboard | RTrack Replay

Hey there! I just recently finished work on RTrack Replay, a webpage which shows the past 2 days of top game data, and then updates live to show the current top 8 games in real time. This uses RTrack’s databases, and so includes game name changes, and is recorded at an increment of 15 minutes. Here’s a video of what it looks like:

This webpage is free to anyone with or without an RTrack subscription, and can be seen here:


I have R-track and it’s amazing! Hope you add new features in the future! I wish that I can replay the stats though

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Cool stuff!

I love the concept of having it replay data previously & gradually getting towards the present.

satisfies my needs of satisfaction

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Hello, I just revisited and I think the UI looks a bit off.

Chrome laptop.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll see if I can get round to fixing it for lower resolution displays.


yeah im having the same problem as @TOP_Crundee123 it looks the same as his picture, im using Chrome on windows 10