Live-Typing Chat

I’m making a political election simulator. As a result, player will have a limited time to talk and may get cut off. I’m using GUIs to broadcast whoever’s speaking at the time. Is it possible to just have it so what they type is coming across in live time on this GUI? Like if I started typing “Hello DevFourm, this is RobloxianFreedom” it will type out each letter? It may also be difficult with filtering enabled/censorship I don’t know if it’s even possible if it’d be ethical to allow/add a feature like that.

Just have it update every second or so, and make sure to run whatever text you get through the filter anyways. You could always check to see if the message is censored, and if it is, ignore the updates until you get a clean string.

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I agree with the first part, but I’m not sure about ignoring what is censored, unless you somehow tell the user that there is an issue with a certain part of the string.

It’s definitely acceptable to do something like that. is a very good example of live typing being used in a large game.

It would just involve something like firing a RemoteEvent when the player types characters into a text field. The remote will update the text field for all other clients each time, after putting the input text through the filter. I would recommend you show the filtered text with the hashtags, rather than ignore it. If anything it’s funny to see the censoring :joy: