Live video feed on Roblox (With playable demo)!/game-instances


let me tell you this will not be moderated good enough and no one should be allowed to use this even with good intentions


Although this is really well done, it will lead to nothing but a ban. There’s no way this can be moderated well enough to have it’s place on the platform.

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squeezing 30 frames into one requests

Let me guess, you took each frame of the video, turn it into an array of pixels, did some LZW compression, decompress and turn it back into the frames in roblox and this is done on the server (although its recommended to be done on client)

Originally it had LZW compression implemented into it, but it was too costly on performance so I removed it lol

I actually admired your projects cuz they were so cool. Infact, ever since your last ingame video project, I’ve been spending alot of time studying how its done. I was ready to make it until, my friend told me that its just not a new idea, everyone has done it before. (I think i said this in a yt comment or somethn).

Wait really? I am pretty certain there aren’t much people that managed to play video on Roblox, let alone live stream

Yeah, My friend himself was able to make a video player…

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Either way, its pretty impressive. What i’m thinking is that, I make a video library thats moderated like roblox. Links to those videos will be provided and can be played in roblox!

However thats what i’m going to do to fix the problem with TOS. If i can find a way to do AI video moderation, ill probs either make a video library/platform for roblox ingame videos or offer it to other devs.

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Hmm, what if i made a roblox video filter that filters out bad content so that it can be available to the community? What do you think? YK when a player uploads a video or something.

That’s a pretty neat idea, however I don’t think it’s technically possible right now.

Yeah it is possible. Of course for audio its not. But All i need to do is send the video to a server to check out its content then send it back. What it does is that it checks out the video then sends it back telling us if the video is good or bad. However this can only be done with videos set by the devs. Now this is a new challenging project imo.

Can you elaborate on how would you check its content? Even the most technically advanced AI cannot 100% identify between the bad and the good one.

If you want to learn more on this topic, I recommend this video by Tom Scott Why Web Filters Don't Work: Penistone and the Scunthorpe Problem - YouTube

Thanks i’'ll take a look.

i’ll figure out a way.