Livetopia Patch Notes

Welcome to Livetopia Patch Notes page! You can find the latest and past update details here.

Latest Patch Notes

10/15 Update 25

  • Highlights
    • Fall is here with some really pretty colors in the town…
    • Music player system is online! Enjoy different styles of music:
      • At home
      • When driving
      • Using boombox! (VIP only)
    • New Musician’s House! Host your own concert at home!
    • You can now play Livetopia on Xbox!
    • More secrets in the city…
  • Features & Optimizations
    • Now you can enter secret rooms directly if you have unlocked them before
    • Thumbs up unlockables update: 500k likes to unlock the First-Aid Kit


10/08 Update 24

(10/12) :house_with_garden: New mid-rise house added
(10/12) :helicopter: Added helicopter to Aviation Pass
(10/12) :framed_picture: A new collections of paintings added
(10/12) :email: A mysterious invitation…

  • Highlights
    • Many new paintings, sculptures, and new fish species can be found! Better hints are added for finding the desired fishes.
    • New and upgraded houses!
    • Collector’s Pass online!
    • 10 new emojis added :slight_smile:
    • More secrets in the city…
  • Features & Optimizations
    • Removed the stage from Topia’s beach as not many people are performing there
    • Thumbs up unlockables update: 500k likes to unlock Speed Checker
10/01 Update 23

(10/4) :houses: Two houses upgraded, both with new secret rooms!

  • Highlights
    • New collection system! Find and collect treasures, trophies, rare fishes, famous paintings and sculptures from the world of Livetopia. Then show them off in different cool ways!
    • New Collector’s Mansion with a cool display room for your treasures!
    • The secret story continues in the City of Topia…
  • Features & Optimizations
    • New careers: Explorer and Appraiser
    • Map update: teleports added for fast travel between the City of Topia and Dream Islands!
    • Updated community area’s environment and house lots
09/24 Update 22

(9/28) :house_with_garden: Glass house added!
(9/28) :art: VIP wallpapers added!

  • Highlights
    • The pet update continues!
      • New place: Topia Petland! Enjoy all the fun with your cute companions!
      • Companion Pass allows you to have 3 companions with you! Also, you can have a pet bathtub and a mobile first-aid station.
      • A pet stroller is available for you to carry your little friends.
    • Two houses have been renovated! They both have extra rooms and secrets!
    • Now you can change wallpapers for your houses, starting from the two renovated ones and more to come!
    • Some strange graffiti appeared in the city, you may need special goggles to see all of them…
  • Features & Optimizations
    • Significant performance improvements
    • Lots of UI optimizations
    • You can now give us a rating with your feedback
09/17 Update 21

(9/21) A new house with a secret play room in the attic!

  • Highlights
    • Is your pet not feeling well? Take it to the best place for treatment: Topia Vet!
      • New place: Veterinary Hospital
      • New pets: Sheep and Elephants!
      • New interactions with pets (new actions and effects)
      • Improved pet AI
  • Features & Optimizations
    • New emojis added - they are really cute!
    • Your customized house exterior colors will now persist
    • General performance optimization
    • Loading speed optimization
    • House building process improvement
    • Delta Wing Glider (450k likes to unlock)
  • Youtube: “Official Livetopia Channel” launched! Check it out and subscribe! Have I mentioned “giveaway”?
09/10 Update 20

:sweat_drops: [9/14] New waterpark themed house added as our summer update finale!

  • Highlights
    • Dream Island Resort is now open!
      • Choose different rooms or suites to stay, from simplicity to luxury!
      • Enjoy all the delicious food at the dining or buffet, or simply order room service!
      • Don’t miss the best places to refresh! Try our tanning machine, massage bar and sauna!
    • New snorkeling / diving area for you to have a great time under the sea! Swim with dolphins!
    • Discover more hidden secrets on Dream Island! (check the sauna room for clues)
  • New Items & Features
    • Items
      • Water Jetpack
      • Diving and Snorkeling Gears
      • New Hats and Outfits
      • Hotel Service Items
    • Careers
      • Resort Manager
      • Massage Therapist
09/03 Update 19

:four_leaf_clover: (9/7) New seaside garden house added!

  • Highlights
    • Beachside properties of your own!
      • Ice cream sundae shop
      • Seafood restaurant with a dining cruise
      • Both with your private rooms
    • A Favorite-Item category added for your convenience.
    • Improved house customization: now some houses support two different color areas!
    • More secrets buried in the island for you to unveil. Remember the markers on the map and the hidden volcano cave?
  • Optimizations
    • Optimized job outfit changing process
    • General optimization for player interactions
08/27 Update 18

:houses: (8/31) New seaside house with a private jet ski and a lot of fun!

  • Highlights
    • Ahoy and Shiver me timbers! A new destination for voyagers! This time it’s a pirate island! Set sail’n go, Arrr!
      • Have a drink at the pirate’s bar
      • Try the Pirate-Pop TOY-BOMB
      • Discover the hidden mystery on the island…
    • Three sailing ships as your new home!
      • “The Dauntless” carrack, “The Black Coral” pirate ship, and “The Ocean Heart” clipper!
      • Yes, they all have kitchens and cabins for your long voyage!
      • Watch your ships carefully if you enter sea battles, as too much cannon fire may sink them! Or stay away from your ship cannons to stay neutral :slight_smile:
      • Become a captain, or a PIRATE CAPTAIN, Aye Aye!
    • Many sailing items including:
      • Wooden boats, compasses, flintlock pistols, and pirate swords!
      • Captain outfits and hats, pirate bandanas, sailor and pirate outfits
      • New jobs including Sailor, Captain, Pirate, and Pirate Captain!
  • New features & optimizations
    • Added the map for Dream Islands
    • An improved house building process
    • La Tomatina event is now concluded
08/20 Update 17

:tomato: (8/24) This year’s La Tomatina is held in Topia!
:house: (8/24) Tomato House with a family restaurant and a secret playground!
:coat: (8/24) The matador suit (VIP) and tomato helmet!

  • Enjoy the vast blue sea with the new Ocean Update!
    • Cruise the sea in style with our newly added Dream Island Yachts! Includes:
      • Personal boat docks
      • Your own yacht with customizable color and many cool features
      • Fully functioning yacht kitchen: Be sure to try the 3 new recipes!
    • New activities at Dream Island beach
      • Water parachuting
      • Wakesurfing
  • Brand New Vehicles!
    • Speedboats
    • Water parachuting and wakesurfing sets (VIP only)
  • UI optimizations
08/13 Update 16

(8/17) :camping: Build your first dream house on Dream Islands! Can you find the secret cove?
(8/17) :plate_with_cutlery: More recipes. Yummy!

  • Highlights
    • Topia Airport is now open with Topia’s first commercial airline!
      • Full-service counters, security checkpoints, terminals, and baggage claims
      • VIP check-in and lounge (VIP only)
      • New destination: Dream Islands! Explore this uncultivated land before it’s populated!
    • Commercial airplanes with multiple cabins. Enjoy your trip!
    • Pilot Academy where you can fly a jet on your own! Grab a trainer before they are gone!
  • New Items and Features
    • Vehicles
      • Aircraft: Seabird Trainer (@ Pilot Academy)
      • Aircraft: PowerFly S3 Trainer (Unlocks with Aviation Pass)
      • Airport floor cleaner
    • New game pass: Aviation Pass
      • Access to First Class Suites and cockpits
      • Runway Roof House
      • PowerFly S3 Trainer (yes, your own jet)
      • Parachuting Pack
      • Captain Suit
    • New house with a runway roof! (Unlocks with 5-friends online or Aviation Pass)
    • Jobs
      • Flight captain
      • Flight attendant
      • Ground crew
    • Items
      • Boarding passes
      • Service trolley
      • Ground crew batons
      • Toolkit
      • Parachuting Pack (Unlocks with Aviation Pass)
  • New Features and Optimizations
    • Bus stations are now your shortcut to various locations!
    • Updated main UI layout
    • Optimized party performance
    • Upgraded juicer model
    • Lots of bug fixes and optimizations!
08/06 Update 15

:house: (8/10) New House added! Can you find the basement entrance?
:helicopter: (8/10) Private helicopter! (VIP)

  • Highlights

    • The Summer Games update is here for all the sport fans!
      • Check out the new Topia Sport Center! Inside there are 3 brand new stadiums:
        • Swim center: Jump in for a high-speed swim through the water, in 4 different strokes! Dare to try the high diving?
        • Shooting hall: Challenge your accuracy with events in the air rifle and archery!
        • Gymnastics: Show your artistic skills on the different gym equipment.
        • Earn badges by playing sports here!
      • We have also added 3 amazing sports outfits!
        • Swimsuit
        • Archer
        • Gymnastics
      • New sport items
        • Starting pistol (VIP)
        • Referee whistle
        • Archer’s Bow
        • Fan’s flag
        • Air rifles (in Sports Center)
        • Trophy cup (in Sports Center)
    • Wheel chair added because everyone can be an athlete!!
  • Optimizations

    • UI
      • New shortcut bar for items and emotions
      • Optimized main UI icons
    • Others
      • Added Topia Sport Center on mini map
      • Party experience optimization
  • Thumbs up unlockables update

    • Summer Games Torch (350k likes to unlock)
    • Panda Outfit (400k likes to unlock)
07/30 Update 14

:shinto_shrine: Dojo House added! Can you find the glowing Tachi? (8/3)

  • Highlights
    • Royal Pass online! Including:
      • Princess Castle (also unlockable for everyone with 5 friends in the same server)
      • Prince Castle (also unlockable for everyone with 5 friends in the same server)
      • Fancy Carriage
      • Princess Outfit
      • Formal Dress Outfit
      • Royal Magic Wand
      • Royal Armor Set (in the Prince Castle)
    • Kitchen upgrade in progress: Most houses now have a functioning kitchen.
    • Map upgrade - See others on the map and start navigating!
    • VIP pass new content:
      • Queen Outfit
      • White Horse (vehicle)
      • Fancy Sword
      • Fancy Shield
  • New items
    • Wedding Dress Outfit
    • Sword and Shield
    • Bow and Arrow
    • Horse and Carriage
    • Hand Lantern
    • Knight Armor
    • Sea Princess Outfit (unlock with 300k likes)
  • Changes and new features
    • Sound
      • A variety of sound effects for animals in the zoo.
      • Optimized sound effects of vehicles crashing at high speeds.
      • General fade-in and fade-out optimizations.
    • UI
      • Use ‘Others’ in the options menu to hide/show the Job button on the screen.
      • New ‘Build’ interface.
    • Performance
      • General physics optimizations for better performance.
      • Scene optimization in the School, the Zoo Shuttle Station, and the Mall.
07/23 Update 13
  • Highlights
    • A “cake” house with a luxurious kitchen where you can COOK! And yes, you can find a lot of recipes in the kitchen… How many bedrooms you can find btw?
    • Minimap! Never get lost again. More functions to be added in the future.
    • You can lock your own vehicles now. We’ve also added license plates!
  • Changes and new features
    • Added categories for items so they can be found easier in the list.
    • Optimized vehicle spawn, shortened the time, and added sound & text effects.
    • Optimized riding and injury animations.
    • Added a ‘New’ tag for new items and houses.
    • Added sound for pets.
07/16 Update 12

:house: Added a new house: Mediterranean (7/19)
:kite: Added a motorcycle and a kite (7/19)

  • Highlights
    • New Job: Arsonist - Be careful playing with fire as now there are flammable areas in some buildings
    • New features in the hospital.
      • Ambulance (with operational back door)
      • Medical record card
      • ECG (electrocardiogram)
      • AED interactions
      • The hospital elevator is now operational.
    • New character status: injured. You can get injured by falling from a very high place or other incidents
    • Now, a timed C4 can be put in the TopiaMetro and it can also be defused.
    • We SALUTE to first responders. Find all the hearts!
  • Changes and optimizations
    • Performance optimization
    • On visiting Houses, an empty lot will be selected by default if you don’t own one.
    • House permissions have been optimized during a party.
    • The ice cream truck is now equipped with an operational back door.
    • The car horn sound effect range has been optimized.
07/09 Update 11

:house: Added a free futuristic house! (7/13)
:gun: Added Laser Gun (free) and Space Suit (VIP) (7/13)

  • Highlights
    • Once upon a time there was a country boy Jack, and Jack lost one of his magic beans…
    • You can now change the color of some 4-wheel vehicles.
  • Changes and new features
    • More animations have been added to animals in the Topia Zoo. They are now cuter!
    • Changed event notices from a broadcast to a red notification dot on the icon.
    • Added a cancel button to quit the current job.
    • Optimized the driving experience and physics in the water.
07/02 Update 10


  • A huge update has arrived in Livetopia. We hope you’re ready!
  • The Zoo is now open for business! Hop on the shuttle bus and enjoy a short trip outside the city. More animals are on the way soon!
  • There is a treasure buried beneath the sand, will you find it? Try your luck on the beach!

Changes and new features

  • Optimized the house building experience. Now you can build a new house in a new lot directly!
  • Optimized the pet walking mechanism. Your pet will only appear at your final destination when you teleport several times within a short period.
  • Added an AED (defibrillator) in the hospital.
  • Some minor vehicle optimizations. (underwater experience)

New items

  • Shovel
  • Camera
  • Watering Can


06/25 Update 09
  • Highlights

    • The Ferris wheel at the beach is waiting for you. Come and enjoy the beautiful view by the sea!
    • New random event: When the mysterious Lucky Bob challenges you, will you be able to find him?
    • New random event: Occasionally, the parking lot becomes a mess. Are your driving skills good enough to park the cars?
    • The bus station to Topia Zoo is under construction. And yes, the zoo is under construction as well…
  • Changes and new features

    • Metro upgrade: Estimated arrival time of the next train is now displaying. We have also fixed the train doors and ticket machines.
    • You can now fill up your car at the gas station!
    • Meteor Shower event optimization: Effect now changes with picking up more fallen shooting stars, until 20 stacks!
    • Super Express event optimization: You can discard / pick up parcels now and you can pick any super market as your destination.
    • Optimizations: Added a disconnect button to the hook and it will auto-disconnect when it is stretched past its limit.
    • Some minor optimizations on vehicles. (motorcycle effects, spawn location help, etc)
  • New items

    • A new house and a new luxury limousine added to the VIP pack. Thanks for your support!
    • New item: swivel chair
    • 6 new jobs:
      • Detective
      • Spy
      • Stay-at-home Dad
      • Stay-at-home Mom
      • Cowboy
      • Builder
    • 3 new job outfits:
      • DJ
      • Gas Station Attendant
      • Metro Conductor
06/18 Update 08
  • Highlights
    • Topia Metro is now open to the public! There are also other mysterious underground places to check out. Can you find the entrances?
    • New random event: When an accident happens, will you lend a helping hand?
    • New random event: Suddenly, the lights go out and a strange image appears on every screen. What’s wrong with those cashier machines? Who could be behind this?
  • Changes and new features
    • Added a function to exile unwelcomed visitors. Your house is now safer than ever.
    • More badges have been added!
    • A new house is added, surprise!
    • Improved house UI. All for a better experience!
    • Some Metro station names are changed.
    • Removed “Gameplay Paused” notification in some cases for smoother gameplay experience.
  • New item
    • Metal detector
06/11 Update 07
  • Highlights

    • New location: Kick back and relax on the beach, go fishing, build sand sculptures, or play some beach volleyball!
    • New jobs: Try a new career as a bodyguard, an actor, a singer, or more!
    • 2 new events: Check out the meteor shower in the sky! And seriously, is a UFO really coming?
  • Changes and new features

    • Added a telescope on the second floor of the Oceanarium.
    • Increased the simultaneous item-placement limit to 10.
    • Added a party light to indicate ongoing parties.
    • Now you can change the privacy settings of your property.
    • A time of day indicator has been added to the UI.
    • Added preset messages to the chat system.
    • Added support for more languages.
    • General place and UI optimizations.
  • New items/furniture

    • Coffee Machine
    • Dressing Desk & Mirror
    • Dining Table
    • Air Conditioner
    • Life Ring
    • Volleyball
    • Fishing Pole
    • Beach Recliner
06/04 Update 06

06/07 Minor Update

  • We have reduced the number of online friends required to unlock certain items. E.g., now you only need 3 friends in the same server to unlock the BRAND NEW multi-level tree house!

  • Party invitation is more reliable now.

  • You will automatically unmount from your pet or vehicle in certain circumstances now.

  • Oceanarium performance optimization.

  • Highlights

    • New place: Oceanarium!!
    • Party system - invite your friends to party!
    • A brand new chat system with colors and bubbles!
  • Changes and new features

    • Added pet eating & showering effects and animations
    • Pets will take a nap if they are too boring now
    • Unicorn now has a rainbow effect
    • More items can be placed on the ground or table
    • Remodels of some vehicles and furnitures
    • Added more rooms to some houses
    • Some cooldowns are adjusted
  • New items

    • Baseball bat
    • Picnic blanket
  • Optimizations

    • Better controls of cars and helicopters
    • Added missing sound effects for Ice cream shop and some guns
  • New like challenge unlockable items

    • 85k: Taxi
    • 100k: Yoyo
    • 120k: Stroller
05/27 Update 05
  • A free new house is released! (added 5/31)

  • New features

    • You can ride on certain pets now!
    • You can feed your pets as well
    • More interactions with pets
    • More interactions with carrying items
    • New place: Park! Can you find it?
    • New security system installed in Topia Bank
    • A new secret (hint: in one of the houses)
    • School: Lockers for students
    • Options to hide UI elements
    • VIP badge added in chat
    • The Mega Mech can jump now!
    • Feedback feature for you to directly send your message to us
  • New items

    • Van
    • Tent
    • Sleeping Bag
    • Grill
    • Shopping Bag
    • Barbeque Skewer
    • Make-Up Mirror
    • Some upgrade packs and job outfits
  • Changes

    • Some items are remodeled
    • Added 2 seconds to vehicle spawn cooldown
  • Optimizations

    • More road directions in streets
    • Shopping mall escalator
    • Added more house lots in a server
    • Dressing interface optimization
  • New like challenge unlockable items

    • 35k: Frying Pan
    • 50k: Golf Stick
    • 70k: Mini Bus
  • New Items and Properties

    • Firework
    • Vehicles
    • House
    • Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Pets
  • New Features

    • Now if a place gets too much smoke from burning fire, it will trigger the fire alarm
    • Now you can use the Fire Fighting Truck to extinguish the fire
    • Added a customizable whiteboard in school
    • Now you can unlock new pets with more online friends!
  • UI optimizations

  • Optimizations on some vehicle interactions

05/17 Update 03
  • Added a new music plaza
  • Added new interaction in Factory
  • Added friend inviting function
  • Added 4 new jobs
    • Pet Doctor
    • Clown
    • Hunter
    • Zookeeper
  • Added language support for following languages:
    • Franch
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Portuguese
    • German
    • Chinese
  • Optimization on cars, guns and houses
05/15 Update 02
  • Like challenge Event update
    • Unlocked - 1,000 Likes to unlock Boar pet
    • Unlocked - 1,500 Likes to unlock Bubble Gun
    • 2,500 Likes to unlock Powered Armor
    • 4,000 Likes to unlock Tree Housent
  • Added new secrets in Police Station and Mall
  • Added 3 new badges
    • In the air
    • Choo-choo!
    • Mega Mech
  • Added a new house with optimization on other houses
  • General bug fixes
05/12 Update 01
  • Added Like challenge Event
    • 1,000 Likes to unlock Boar pet
    • 1,500 Likes to unlock Bubble Gun
    • 2,500 Likes to unlock Powered Armor
    • 4,000 Likes to unlock Tree Housent
  • Added a new place: Factory
  • Added some interactions to current items
  • Added some new items
  • Bug fixes and optimizations