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Latest Patch Notes

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05/27 Update 56

:rocket: Take a wonderful airship tour from Dream Island. Enjoy the vast desert scene from the sky and pay attention to the ballons for surprises!
:gift: You can now gift Game Passes to others!
:womans_clothes: More AE outfits are in the shop. Try the new summer clothes!
:art: Added a shortcut to reset your house color.
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

05/20 Update 55

Welcome to the American Eagle Underwater Resort!
:hotel: Enjoy different rooms and luxury services!
:tropical_fish: Enjoy the colorful underwater scenery!
:beach_umbrella: Enjoy all kinds of water activities at the AE private beach!
:womans_clothes: Grab new AE outfits from the shop! It’s summer time!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

05/13 Update 54

:artificial_satellite: Skytopia, the future of Topia City, is now open to the public! This is a brand new futuristic experience, and we welcome everyone to explore! Come and have an incredible journey with your friends!
:bell: Today’s update is fully dedicated to Skytopia and we will resume regular Livetopia updates next Friday.

05/06 Update 53

:balance_scale: Topia has a court now! Be a lawyer to protect your client or be a judge to defend justice!
:gem: A diamond villa added to the Royal Pass.
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

04/29 Update 52

:tada: Happy birthday to Livetopia! Let’s celebrate!
:rocket: A time tunnel for you to review past updates and to peek the future!
:gift: All passes are 50% off during the celebration week!
:birthday: A birthday cake house for everyone!
:+1: 800K likes to unlock a twin stroller!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

04/22 Update 51

:om: Talk with the Athleta Girl staff to learn self-talk mantras, and get great in-game rewards including 50 Topia Tix each day and a tote bag!
:house: Added a floating house to the Halloween Pass.
:minibus: A mini delivery van for everyone!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

04/15 Update 50

:hatching_chick: Happy Easter! Egg hunt off you go!
:hotel: An egg house for everyone!
:green_salad: New delicious food for Easter.
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

04/08 Update 49

:love_hotel: Topia Car Wash is open now. Keep your car clean!
:red_car: Thinking of a casual family trip? A new 4-seat car is ready for you!
:flying_saucer: A UFO house added to the Aviation Pass, and it floats!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

04/01 Update 48

:house_with_garden: An all-new castle for this best day of the year!
:speedboat: A speed boat added to the Voyage Pass!
:dress: Now you can name your custom outfits before saving them!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

03/25 Update 47

:sunflower: Build your dream estate with the all new Courtyard system!
:gift: Fortune Wheel updates with a new house, a new car, and a new companion! Don’t forget your daily free spin!
:green_salad: More new food and drinks
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

03/18 Update 46

:family: New RP Team System: create a team, pick roles, teleport together, and start roleplaying with your private team channel!
:dress: Save your favorite outfits!
:snail: A snail villa added to Land Trip Pass. Let’s celebrate the spirit!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

03/11 Update 45

Welcome to American Eagle Country Club!
:bellhop_bell: Explore the club and stay overnight!
:tennis: Play tennis with the local pro!
:womans_clothes: Grab Free AE gear in the shop!
:ocean: Enjoy the mini water park!
:eagle: Your new pet: Ellie the Eagle!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

03/04 Update 44

:dancer: Club Topia is in business between 8pm and 5am game time! Will it be your new night life destination?
:house: A crystal castle added to Royal Pass
:motorcycle: A new motorcycle added to Racing Pass
:gift: New celebrity miniatures added for you to collect.
:tickets: Vote for the style of a future new city! It’s your world!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

02/25 Update 43

:blossom: Come to the Topia Flower Hut and get fresh flowers to decorate your place!
:ticket: Win Livetopia game passes from the Weekly Pass Raffle! Get one raffle ticket each day to increase your chance to win.
:european_castle: Invite your friends to your miniature sandbox and show off Your World! You can also change the sandbox wallpaper now.
:house: A new house added to VIP Pass
:diving_mask: Underwater Booster added to Underwater Pass
:wave: Saying certain words in chat may trigger some actions. Try “hi”, “yes”, “no”, “cry”, etc.
:womans_clothes: More clothing and accessories added.
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

02/18 Update 42

:whale: Wanna explore the deep ocean? Join the journey of The Nautilus, the brand new submarine traveling between Topia City, Dolphin Bay, and Mt. Crescent!
:penguin: Underwater Pass for access to restrictive areas in the submarine, exclusive personal AUV, and more.
:smiley: UI optimizations with emoji and expression shortcuts added to the main screen - so you can express yourself more easily!
:mechanical_arm: More Livetopia secrets…

02/11 Update 41

:four_leaf_clover: Four-leaf clover house as your Valentine’s Day Gift!
:rose: Valentine decorations in the city. Find Valentine gifts and share them with others!
:person_climbing: Rock climbing at Mt. Crescent. Challenge your skills and get rewarded!
:gift: New rewards from the Fortune Wheel and updated Tix Store.
:airplane: Aviation Pass updated with new outfits and heart emitters equipped to your aircrafts!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

02/04 Update 40

:evergreen_tree: New miniature category: Oriental Garden Set
:department_store: Updated miniature showroom
:house: New house - Enjoy the view through the skylight!
:seat: New item: Rickshaw
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

01/28 Update 39

:tiger: We are celebrating the Lunar New Year with traditional Chinese garden house and items!
:red_gift_envelope: Lunar New Year Pass - Enjoy the Chinese palace, horse carriage, the parade tiger, and Chinese opera accessories!
:dragon_face: The Chinese Dragon Dance! Build your dragon as long as you want!
:izakaya_lantern: The city has its Lunar New Year look now.
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

01/21 Update 38

══ UPDATE 38 ══
:european_castle: Miniature Sandbox - build your own world with your miniature collections!
:department_store: Miniature showroom at the corner of street.
:house_with_garden: Updated VIP pass with a new premium house.
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

01/14 Update 37

══ UPDATE 37 ══
:coffee: Enjoy nice warm drinks at the All-New Topia Cafe, or become a barista, making your own one!
:handshake: Miniature trading is now available. Expand your collection!
:briefcase: New Miniature category: Career Set.
:airplane: Aviation Pass updated with a new house and a quadcopter!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

01/07 Update 36

══ UPDATE 36 ══
:gift: Get a free gift from the Fortune Wheel everyday! If you are lucky, you may get the monthly exclusive house or vehicle!
:tickets: Get your favorite items from Topia Tix Store!
:house: Build the new snowman house and enjoy the beautiful scene of Mt. Crescent!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

12/31 Update 35

══ UPDATE 35 ══
:tada: Happy New Year! We are giving away many Roblox gift cards to celebrate! Check our Twitter and Youtube channel for more details.
:ice_skate: More fun to enjoy at Mt. Crescent! Put on your skates and speed around on the ice! Also, try the new double sleigh!
:gift: New Holiday Pass content is now unlocked! Enjoy the new house and exclusive ice skates!
:dancer: Have a dance party on the ice with new dancing actions! Show-off your best moves!
:school: More miniature mystery boxes to be added to your collection: public facilities!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

12/24 Update 34

══ UPDATE 34 ══
:mountain_snow: Mt. Crescent Resort opened! Take the lift there and enjoy the mountain side rooms and suites, with many services!
:gift: More winter gifts for everyone! New outfits, recipes, and a snow plow truck!
:christmas_tree: New gifts in Holiday Pass! Enjoy the special Christmas tree, reindeer, and the flying sleigh!
:santa: Still want more gifts? Find Santa at Mt. Crescent!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…
(12/28) New free and Holiday Pass gifts!
(12/28) More surprising boxes can be found.

12/17 Update 33

══ UPDATE 33 ══
:snowboarder: Take the lifts to the top of Mt. Crescent and have fun snowboarding!
:snowman: Roll the large snowballs and stack them to make a snowman! See how big you can build!
:christmas_tree: Christmas tree in the town! New holiday houses and winter outfits are here!
:gift: New miniature categories added and more ways to get the surprising boxes, including one free box per day for everyone.
:snowflake: Holiday Pass updated with a new house and premium snowboards!
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

12/10 Update 32

══ UPDATE 32 ══
Happy Holidays! The exciting winter updates start here!
:mountain_snow: More areas of Mt. Crescent are open now. Park your new snowmobile and build your house there!
:houses: Enjoy the new vacation houses and keep warm in the snow season!
:world_map: Mt. Crescent has a map now and you can teleport there directly.
:gift: Topia City also gets a winter look! Find the hidden surprise boxes!
:snowflake: Holiday Pass for your luxury winter experience over the next several weeks.
:face_with_monocle: More Livetopia secrets…

12/03 Update 31

══ UPDATE 31 ══
:steam_locomotive: Topia Express is in operation, connecting Topia City, Misty Forest, and a brand new destination!
:mountain_snow: Come to Mount Crescent, the beginning of your winter joys!
:blue_car: Recreational vehicles (RVs) and lots of camping gear for your holiday road trips!
:face_with_monocle: More Topia secrets…

11/26 Update 30

:bulb: UPDATE 30 :bulb:
:label: ALL game passes are now on sale for 50% off! Don’t miss this limited time offer!
:snowflake: Weather and day/night cycle speed can now be changed in private servers with VIP pass.
:house_with_garden: A 7-floor mansion added!
:helicopter: A new sightseeing helicopter added in Aviation Pass.
:plate_with_cutlery: Thanksgiving meals are added to recipes!
:face_with_monocle: More Topia secrets…

11/19 Update 29
  • Highlights:
    • Racing mode is now online! Challenge your friends on different race tracks, organize a Grand Prix, and be the champion!
    • Enjoy the new and upgraded houses, a new motorcycle, a new racing car and, off-road vehicle!
    • Livetopia secrets have also been updated!
  • Features & Optimizations
    • Now the movie theater screens an actual video.
    • Changing outfits will no longer change your avatar gender.
    • Sitting poses will adjust according to avatar genders.
11/12 Update 28
  • Highlights:
    • Celebrity Square and Hall of Fame are open now!
    • Modern Zen House
    • Cast your vote for future content, It’s YOUR world!
    • New secrets in Topia town
  • Optimizations
    • Vehicle tab UI optimization
11/05 Update 27

(11/09) :mushroom: Mushroom house! Can you find the mush-Room?
● Highlights:
○ The darkness has been purged and the forest is back in peace! Build your house here if you like the serenity!
○ The grand opening of Twilight Castle Resort! Enjoy the coze rooms and suites.
○ Let’s party in the Ballroom with unique dance challenges! Who’s going to be the best dancer?
● This year’s Halloween event has concluded, but you can continue exchanging your remaining Candy Corns at Camp Crescent near the forest entrance. You can revisit the dark forest and collect more Candy Corns with the Halloween Pass.
● Features & Optimizations
○ Optimized spawning experience to prevent players from being stuck.

10/22 Update 26

(11/02) :woman_mage: Witch House! Brew your very own potions and try them out!
(11/02) :shopping_cart: New Candy Corn shop added (outside of the Twilight Castle)
(11/02) :deciduous_tree: The secret in the dark forest continues…
(10/31) :european_castle: Twilight Castle opened! Happy Halloween! We are extending Halloween event to Friday Nov. 5 and a new Halloween shop will be added tomorrow outside Twilight Castle!
(10/31) :ghost: Ghost hunting inside Twilight Castle! Are you ready?
(10/26) :house_with_garden: Windmill House!
(10/26) :womans_clothes: Added Shoulder and Front accessories for your avatar!
(10/26) :tophat: A lot accessories added in game!
(10/26) :hourglass: Countdown to hill access in the forest…
(10/26) :shopping_cart: Getting ready for the grand opening of the 4th shop.

  • Highlights
    • Yes, yes! HALLOWEEN has arrived in Topia Town!! The Dark Forest awaits you…
    • Explore the forest and play different games to earn Candy Corns! More games will be available every few days!
      • Maze? Check.
      • Trick-or-Treat? Check.
      • Graveyard adventure? Check.
      • Ghost hunting? Check.
      • Magic Potions and Spells? Checkity-Check.
    • Theme up your place with new houses!
      • Forest treehouse
      • Haunted house
      • Witch house
    • Get your new vehicles, pets, costumes, and gears from the Candy Corn Shop!
    • Remember, Halloween is not only about goofy things, but also mysterious ones…
  • Features & Optimizations
    • Everything we can do to make your Halloween experience better!!
10/15 Update 25

(10/19) :house_with_garden: New house: Hexagons!
(10/19) :jack_o_lantern: New recipes - make Halloween cakes with your new oven!
(10/19) :evergreen_tree: Countdown to the forest expedition has begun!

  • Highlights
    • Fall is here with some really pretty colors in the town…
    • Music player system is online! Enjoy different styles of music:
      • At home
      • When driving
      • Using boombox! (VIP only)
    • New Musician’s House! Host your own concert at home!
    • You can now play Livetopia on Xbox!
    • More secrets in the city…
  • Features & Optimizations
    • Now you can enter secret rooms directly if you have unlocked them before
    • Thumbs up unlockables update: 500k likes to unlock the First-Aid Kit
10/08 Update 24

(10/12) :house_with_garden: New mid-rise house added
(10/12) :helicopter: Added helicopter to Aviation Pass
(10/12) :framed_picture: A new collections of paintings added
(10/12) :email: A mysterious invitation…

  • Highlights
    • Many new paintings, sculptures, and new fish species can be found! Better hints are added for finding the desired fishes.
    • New and upgraded houses!
    • Collector’s Pass online!
    • 10 new emojis added :slight_smile:
    • More secrets in the city…
  • Features & Optimizations
    • Removed the stage from Topia’s beach as not many people are performing there
    • Thumbs up unlockables update: 500k likes to unlock Speed Checker
10/01 Update 23

(10/4) :houses: Two houses upgraded, both with new secret rooms!

  • Highlights
    • New collection system! Find and collect treasures, trophies, rare fishes, famous paintings and sculptures from the world of Livetopia. Then show them off in different cool ways!
    • New Collector’s Mansion with a cool display room for your treasures!
    • The secret story continues in the City of Topia…
  • Features & Optimizations
    • New careers: Explorer and Appraiser
    • Map update: teleports added for fast travel between the City of Topia and Dream Islands!
    • Updated community area’s environment and house lots
09/24 Update 22

(9/28) :house_with_garden: Glass house added!
(9/28) :art: VIP wallpapers added!

  • Highlights
    • The pet update continues!
      • New place: Topia Petland! Enjoy all the fun with your cute companions!
      • Companion Pass allows you to have 3 companions with you! Also, you can have a pet bathtub and a mobile first-aid station.
      • A pet stroller is available for you to carry your little friends.
    • Two houses have been renovated! They both have extra rooms and secrets!
    • Now you can change wallpapers for your houses, starting from the two renovated ones and more to come!
    • Some strange graffiti appeared in the city, you may need special goggles to see all of them…
  • Features & Optimizations
    • Significant performance improvements
    • Lots of UI optimizations
    • You can now give us a rating with your feedback
09/17 Update 21

(9/21) A new house with a secret play room in the attic!

  • Highlights
    • Is your pet not feeling well? Take it to the best place for treatment: Topia Vet!
      • New place: Veterinary Hospital
      • New pets: Sheep and Elephants!
      • New interactions with pets (new actions and effects)
      • Improved pet AI
  • Features & Optimizations
    • New emojis added - they are really cute!
    • Your customized house exterior colors will now persist
    • General performance optimization
    • Loading speed optimization
    • House building process improvement
    • Delta Wing Glider (450k likes to unlock)
  • Youtube: “Official Livetopia Channel” launched! Check it out and subscribe! Have I mentioned “giveaway”?
09/10 Update 20

:sweat_drops: [9/14] New waterpark themed house added as our summer update finale!

  • Highlights
    • Dream Island Resort is now open!
      • Choose different rooms or suites to stay, from simplicity to luxury!
      • Enjoy all the delicious food at the dining or buffet, or simply order room service!
      • Don’t miss the best places to refresh! Try our tanning machine, massage bar and sauna!
    • New snorkeling / diving area for you to have a great time under the sea! Swim with dolphins!
    • Discover more hidden secrets on Dream Island! (check the sauna room for clues)
  • New Items & Features
    • Items
      • Water Jetpack
      • Diving and Snorkeling Gears
      • New Hats and Outfits
      • Hotel Service Items
    • Careers
      • Resort Manager
      • Massage Therapist
09/03 Update 19

:four_leaf_clover: (9/7) New seaside garden house added!

  • Highlights
    • Beachside properties of your own!
      • Ice cream sundae shop
      • Seafood restaurant with a dining cruise
      • Both with your private rooms
    • A Favorite-Item category added for your convenience.
    • Improved house customization: now some houses support two different color areas!
    • More secrets buried in the island for you to unveil. Remember the markers on the map and the hidden volcano cave?
  • Optimizations
    • Optimized job outfit changing process
    • General optimization for player interactions
08/27 Update 18

:houses: (8/31) New seaside house with a private jet ski and a lot of fun!

  • Highlights
    • Ahoy and Shiver me timbers! A new destination for voyagers! This time it’s a pirate island! Set sail’n go, Arrr!
      • Have a drink at the pirate’s bar
      • Try the Pirate-Pop TOY-BOMB
      • Discover the hidden mystery on the island…
    • Three sailing ships as your new home!
      • “The Dauntless” carrack, “The Black Coral” pirate ship, and “The Ocean Heart” clipper!
      • Yes, they all have kitchens and cabins for your long voyage!
      • Watch your ships carefully if you enter sea battles, as too much cannon fire may sink them! Or stay away from your ship cannons to stay neutral :slight_smile:
      • Become a captain, or a PIRATE CAPTAIN, Aye Aye!
    • Many sailing items including:
      • Wooden boats, compasses, flintlock pistols, and pirate swords!
      • Captain outfits and hats, pirate bandanas, sailor and pirate outfits
      • New jobs including Sailor, Captain, Pirate, and Pirate Captain!
  • New features & optimizations
    • Added the map for Dream Islands
    • An improved house building process
    • La Tomatina event is now concluded
08/20 Update 17

:tomato: (8/24) This year’s La Tomatina is held in Topia!
:house: (8/24) Tomato House with a family restaurant and a secret playground!
:coat: (8/24) The matador suit (VIP) and tomato helmet!

  • Enjoy the vast blue sea with the new Ocean Update!
    • Cruise the sea in style with our newly added Dream Island Yachts! Includes:
      • Personal boat docks
      • Your own yacht with customizable color and many cool features
      • Fully functioning yacht kitchen: Be sure to try the 3 new recipes!
    • New activities at Dream Island beach
      • Water parachuting
      • Wakesurfing
  • Brand New Vehicles!
    • Speedboats
    • Water parachuting and wakesurfing sets (VIP only)
  • UI optimizations
08/13 Update 16

(8/17) :camping: Build your first dream house on Dream Islands! Can you find the secret cove?
(8/17) :plate_with_cutlery: More recipes. Yummy!

  • Highlights
    • Topia Airport is now open with Topia’s first commercial airline!
      • Full-service counters, security checkpoints, terminals, and baggage claims
      • VIP check-in and lounge (VIP only)
      • New destination: Dream Islands! Explore this uncultivated land before it’s populated!
    • Commercial airplanes with multiple cabins. Enjoy your trip!
    • Pilot Academy where you can fly a jet on your own! Grab a trainer before they are gone!
  • New Items and Features
    • Vehicles
      • Aircraft: Seabird Trainer (@ Pilot Academy)
      • Aircraft: PowerFly S3 Trainer (Unlocks with Aviation Pass)
      • Airport floor cleaner
    • New game pass: Aviation Pass
      • Access to First Class Suites and cockpits
      • Runway Roof House
      • PowerFly S3 Trainer (yes, your own jet)
      • Parachuting Pack
      • Captain Suit
    • New house with a runway roof! (Unlocks with 5-friends online or Aviation Pass)
    • Jobs
      • Flight captain
      • Flight attendant
      • Ground crew
    • Items
      • Boarding passes
      • Service trolley
      • Ground crew batons
      • Toolkit
      • Parachuting Pack (Unlocks with Aviation Pass)
  • New Features and Optimizations
    • Bus stations are now your shortcut to various locations!
    • Updated main UI layout
    • Optimized party performance
    • Upgraded juicer model
    • Lots of bug fixes and optimizations!
08/06 Update 15

:house: (8/10) New House added! Can you find the basement entrance?
:helicopter: (8/10) Private helicopter! (VIP)

  • Highlights

    • The Summer Games update is here for all the sport fans!
      • Check out the new Topia Sport Center! Inside there are 3 brand new stadiums:
        • Swim center: Jump in for a high-speed swim through the water, in 4 different strokes! Dare to try the high diving?
        • Shooting hall: Challenge your accuracy with events in the air rifle and archery!
        • Gymnastics: Show your artistic skills on the different gym equipment.
        • Earn badges by playing sports here!
      • We have also added 3 amazing sports outfits!
        • Swimsuit
        • Archer
        • Gymnastics
      • New sport items
        • Starting pistol (VIP)
        • Referee whistle
        • Archer’s Bow
        • Fan’s flag
        • Air rifles (in Sports Center)
        • Trophy cup (in Sports Center)
    • Wheel chair added because everyone can be an athlete!!
  • Optimizations

    • UI
      • New shortcut bar for items and emotions
      • Optimized main UI icons
    • Others
      • Added Topia Sport Center on mini map
      • Party experience optimization
  • Thumbs up unlockables update

    • Summer Games Torch (350k likes to unlock)
    • Panda Outfit (400k likes to unlock)
07/30 Update 14

:shinto_shrine: Dojo House added! Can you find the glowing Tachi? (8/3)

  • Highlights
    • Royal Pass online! Including:
      • Princess Castle (also unlockable for everyone with 5 friends in the same server)
      • Prince Castle (also unlockable for everyone with 5 friends in the same server)
      • Fancy Carriage
      • Princess Outfit
      • Formal Dress Outfit
      • Royal Magic Wand
      • Royal Armor Set (in the Prince Castle)
    • Kitchen upgrade in progress: Most houses now have a functioning kitchen.
    • Map upgrade - See others on the map and start navigating!
    • VIP pass new content:
      • Queen Outfit
      • White Horse (vehicle)
      • Fancy Sword
      • Fancy Shield
  • New items
    • Wedding Dress Outfit
    • Sword and Shield
    • Bow and Arrow
    • Horse and Carriage
    • Hand Lantern
    • Knight Armor
    • Sea Princess Outfit (unlock with 300k likes)
  • Changes and new features
    • Sound
      • A variety of sound effects for animals in the zoo.
      • Optimized sound effects of vehicles crashing at high speeds.
      • General fade-in and fade-out optimizations.
    • UI
      • Use ‘Others’ in the options menu to hide/show the Job button on the screen.
      • New ‘Build’ interface.
    • Performance
      • General physics optimizations for better performance.
      • Scene optimization in the School, the Zoo Shuttle Station, and the Mall.
07/23 Update 13
  • Highlights
    • A “cake” house with a luxurious kitchen where you can COOK! And yes, you can find a lot of recipes in the kitchen… How many bedrooms you can find btw?
    • Minimap! Never get lost again. More functions to be added in the future.
    • You can lock your own vehicles now. We’ve also added license plates!
  • Changes and new features
    • Added categories for items so they can be found easier in the list.
    • Optimized vehicle spawn, shortened the time, and added sound & text effects.
    • Optimized riding and injury animations.
    • Added a ‘New’ tag for new items and houses.
    • Added sound for pets.
07/16 Update 12

:house: Added a new house: Mediterranean (7/19)
:kite: Added a motorcycle and a kite (7/19)

  • Highlights
    • New Job: Arsonist - Be careful playing with fire as now there are flammable areas in some buildings
    • New features in the hospital.
      • Ambulance (with operational back door)
      • Medical record card
      • ECG (electrocardiogram)
      • AED interactions
      • The hospital elevator is now operational.
    • New character status: injured. You can get injured by falling from a very high place or other incidents
    • Now, a timed C4 can be put in the TopiaMetro and it can also be defused.
    • We SALUTE to first responders. Find all the hearts!
  • Changes and optimizations
    • Performance optimization
    • On visiting Houses, an empty lot will be selected by default if you don’t own one.
    • House permissions have been optimized during a party.
    • The ice cream truck is now equipped with an operational back door.
    • The car horn sound effect range has been optimized.
07/09 Update 11

:house: Added a free futuristic house! (7/13)
:gun: Added Laser Gun (free) and Space Suit (VIP) (7/13)

  • Highlights
    • Once upon a time there was a country boy Jack, and Jack lost one of his magic beans…
    • You can now change the color of some 4-wheel vehicles.
  • Changes and new features
    • More animations have been added to animals in the Topia Zoo. They are now cuter!
    • Changed event notices from a broadcast to a red notification dot on the icon.
    • Added a cancel button to quit the current job.
    • Optimized the driving experience and physics in the water.
07/02 Update 10


  • A huge update has arrived in Livetopia. We hope you’re ready!
  • The Zoo is now open for business! Hop on the shuttle bus and enjoy a short trip outside the city. More animals are on the way soon!
  • There is a treasure buried beneath the sand, will you find it? Try your luck on the beach!

Changes and new features

  • Optimized the house building experience. Now you can build a new house in a new lot directly!
  • Optimized the pet walking mechanism. Your pet will only appear at your final destination when you teleport several times within a short period.
  • Added an AED (defibrillator) in the hospital.
  • Some minor vehicle optimizations. (underwater experience)

New items

  • Shovel
  • Camera
  • Watering Can


06/25 Update 09
  • Highlights

    • The Ferris wheel at the beach is waiting for you. Come and enjoy the beautiful view by the sea!
    • New random event: When the mysterious Lucky Bob challenges you, will you be able to find him?
    • New random event: Occasionally, the parking lot becomes a mess. Are your driving skills good enough to park the cars?
    • The bus station to Topia Zoo is under construction. And yes, the zoo is under construction as well…
  • Changes and new features

    • Metro upgrade: Estimated arrival time of the next train is now displaying. We have also fixed the train doors and ticket machines.
    • You can now fill up your car at the gas station!
    • Meteor Shower event optimization: Effect now changes with picking up more fallen shooting stars, until 20 stacks!
    • Super Express event optimization: You can discard / pick up parcels now and you can pick any super market as your destination.
    • Optimizations: Added a disconnect button to the hook and it will auto-disconnect when it is stretched past its limit.
    • Some minor optimizations on vehicles. (motorcycle effects, spawn location help, etc)
  • New items

    • A new house and a new luxury limousine added to the VIP pack. Thanks for your support!
    • New item: swivel chair
    • 6 new jobs:
      • Detective
      • Spy
      • Stay-at-home Dad
      • Stay-at-home Mom
      • Cowboy
      • Builder
    • 3 new job outfits:
      • DJ
      • Gas Station Attendant
      • Metro Conductor
06/18 Update 08
  • Highlights
    • Topia Metro is now open to the public! There are also other mysterious underground places to check out. Can you find the entrances?
    • New random event: When an accident happens, will you lend a helping hand?
    • New random event: Suddenly, the lights go out and a strange image appears on every screen. What’s wrong with those cashier machines? Who could be behind this?
  • Changes and new features
    • Added a function to exile unwelcomed visitors. Your house is now safer than ever.
    • More badges have been added!
    • A new house is added, surprise!
    • Improved house UI. All for a better experience!
    • Some Metro station names are changed.
    • Removed “Gameplay Paused” notification in some cases for smoother gameplay experience.
  • New item
    • Metal detector
06/11 Update 07
  • Highlights

    • New location: Kick back and relax on the beach, go fishing, build sand sculptures, or play some beach volleyball!
    • New jobs: Try a new career as a bodyguard, an actor, a singer, or more!
    • 2 new events: Check out the meteor shower in the sky! And seriously, is a UFO really coming?
  • Changes and new features

    • Added a telescope on the second floor of the Oceanarium.
    • Increased the simultaneous item-placement limit to 10.
    • Added a party light to indicate ongoing parties.
    • Now you can change the privacy settings of your property.
    • A time of day indicator has been added to the UI.
    • Added preset messages to the chat system.
    • Added support for more languages.
    • General place and UI optimizations.
  • New items/furniture

    • Coffee Machine
    • Dressing Desk & Mirror
    • Dining Table
    • Air Conditioner
    • Life Ring
    • Volleyball
    • Fishing Pole
    • Beach Recliner
06/04 Update 06

06/07 Minor Update

  • We have reduced the number of online friends required to unlock certain items. E.g., now you only need 3 friends in the same server to unlock the BRAND NEW multi-level tree house!

  • Party invitation is more reliable now.

  • You will automatically unmount from your pet or vehicle in certain circumstances now.

  • Oceanarium performance optimization.

  • Highlights

    • New place: Oceanarium!!
    • Party system - invite your friends to party!
    • A brand new chat system with colors and bubbles!
  • Changes and new features

    • Added pet eating & showering effects and animations
    • Pets will take a nap if they are too boring now
    • Unicorn now has a rainbow effect
    • More items can be placed on the ground or table
    • Remodels of some vehicles and furnitures
    • Added more rooms to some houses
    • Some cooldowns are adjusted
  • New items

    • Baseball bat
    • Picnic blanket
  • Optimizations

    • Better controls of cars and helicopters
    • Added missing sound effects for Ice cream shop and some guns
  • New like challenge unlockable items

    • 85k: Taxi
    • 100k: Yoyo
    • 120k: Stroller
05/27 Update 05
  • A free new house is released! (added 5/31)

  • New features

    • You can ride on certain pets now!
    • You can feed your pets as well
    • More interactions with pets
    • More interactions with carrying items
    • New place: Park! Can you find it?
    • New security system installed in Topia Bank
    • A new secret (hint: in one of the houses)
    • School: Lockers for students
    • Options to hide UI elements
    • VIP badge added in chat
    • The Mega Mech can jump now!
    • Feedback feature for you to directly send your message to us
  • New items

    • Van
    • Tent
    • Sleeping Bag
    • Grill
    • Shopping Bag
    • Barbeque Skewer
    • Make-Up Mirror
    • Some upgrade packs and job outfits
  • Changes

    • Some items are remodeled
    • Added 2 seconds to vehicle spawn cooldown
  • Optimizations

    • More road directions in streets
    • Shopping mall escalator
    • Added more house lots in a server
    • Dressing interface optimization
  • New like challenge unlockable items

    • 35k: Frying Pan
    • 50k: Golf Stick
    • 70k: Mini Bus
  • New Items and Properties

    • Firework
    • Vehicles
    • House
    • Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Pets
  • New Features

    • Now if a place gets too much smoke from burning fire, it will trigger the fire alarm
    • Now you can use the Fire Fighting Truck to extinguish the fire
    • Added a customizable whiteboard in school
    • Now you can unlock new pets with more online friends!
  • UI optimizations

  • Optimizations on some vehicle interactions

05/17 Update 03
  • Added a new music plaza
  • Added new interaction in Factory
  • Added friend inviting function
  • Added 4 new jobs
    • Pet Doctor
    • Clown
    • Hunter
    • Zookeeper
  • Added language support for following languages:
    • Franch
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Portuguese
    • German
    • Chinese
  • Optimization on cars, guns and houses
05/15 Update 02
  • Like challenge Event update
    • Unlocked - 1,000 Likes to unlock Boar pet
    • Unlocked - 1,500 Likes to unlock Bubble Gun
    • 2,500 Likes to unlock Powered Armor
    • 4,000 Likes to unlock Tree Housent
  • Added new secrets in Police Station and Mall
  • Added 3 new badges
    • In the air
    • Choo-choo!
    • Mega Mech
  • Added a new house with optimization on other houses
  • General bug fixes
05/12 Update 01
  • Added Like challenge Event
    • 1,000 Likes to unlock Boar pet
    • 1,500 Likes to unlock Bubble Gun
    • 2,500 Likes to unlock Powered Armor
    • 4,000 Likes to unlock Tree Housent
  • Added a new place: Factory
  • Added some interactions to current items
  • Added some new items
  • Bug fixes and optimizations