Living Doll Information

Living Doll
By Miminers Studio & RTI


• Changelog


// Changelog [04/01/2023] //

  • Hardcore Mode!
  • Perks! Use them to help you complete the game!
  • Stacks of Coins and Gems scattered across the map as you play!
  • Adjustment of gems obtained in the shop.
  • Bug fixed!

// Changelog [03/23/2023] //

  • The lobby has gotten bigger!
  • 15 new doll skins!
  • Legendary, Exotic, and Exclusive crate is here!
  • New doll stat! Coins Multiplier and Gems Multiplier!
  • New crate prices make it easier for players to get doll skins.
  • Greater rewards for completing nights and mini-events.
  • New UI look for “Items”!
  • New crate opening animation!
  • Max Players up to 60 and add an extra teleporter in the lobby!
  • Something is coming!
  • Bug fixed!

// Changelog [02/21/2023] //

  • Send feedback or suggestions using the in-game Google Form! Yes, seriously.
  • The Skip Cutscene option is now available on more cutscenes!
  • The player’s name will still be visible in any condition now.
  • Bug fixed!

// Changelog [02/16/2023] //

  • New Top Leaderboards! Fastest Completing
  • The UI for changing the doll skins is now placed first.
  • UI changes in doll skins frame.

// Changelog [02/10/2023] //

  • 12 new doll skins!
  • Doll abilites!
  • New lobby look!
  • New Beta feature! Skip Cutscene (currently only possible in the opening cutscene).
  • Spawn changes for Ucrit.
  • ???
  • Bug fixes!

// Changelog [02/05/2023] //

  • Players can transform into dolls or characters while waiting for the next night.
  • Players can open the exit door without having to take the last key (the key that is combined).
  • Nerf to the price of Gems needed to Revive.
  • Players who teleport for too long will be automatically kicked off the server to reduce potential bugs.
  • Bug fixes!

// Changelog [02/04/2023] //

  • Living Doll enters Beta stage!
  • Night 4 is here!
  • New safe area! Lockers!
  • Maximum 20 players in Teleporters on Private Server!
  • Invite Player Board! Invite your friends to play together!
  • Collectible Items will now be randomized to extend the player’s playtime
  • Now each chasing guard has its own advantages and disadvantages
  • Changes in some areas for npcs optimization
  • VIP doll design changes
  • Bug fixes!

// Changelog [01/29/2023] //

  • Added Wins Leaderboard
  • Change the UI look for Items
  • Map optimization