Living Ragdolls 3 - Answers for Commonly Asked Questions

This was created to answer commonly asked questions to minimize confusion for many popular questions.

Q: How do I get Tokens?
A: You get tokens by killing bosses and minibosses.

Q: Something is broken! How could I fix it?
A: If something is broken, you can try rejoining.

Q: Why are the ragdolls flying? Is this a bug?
A: Flying ragdolls are intended.

Q: I am on mobile or a console. How could I check my stats if the leaderboard is missing?
A: You can head over to the global and server leaderboards section beside the shop that display the top 10 global and server leaderboards for cash, tokens, and kos.

Q: Why am I stuck in a box? Why did I spawn here? Is this a bug?
A: You spawned in a box because the chunk loader is broken for you, please rejoin until you can fix the issue.

Q: Who is currently working on Living Ragdolls 3?
A: Currently, only I am working on Living Ragdolls 3.

Q: Why do I see others with items that aren’t in the shop?
A: The only items are unobtainable at the moment are the vulcan, a cookie with one use, a cookie with three uses, a big chill burger, doritos, and mountain dew. Other items that are not included here are obtainable through the shop or the secret shop, or even by joining the group.

Q: Who made the original Living Ragdolls game?
A: I made the original Living Ragdolls concept by turning sampearce6’s Living Ragdolls into what it is now. That is why I was the Co-Creator at the time and also the shop npc, (and I even had a weapon for meeting me while the owner didn’t) in the original game. Later I was silently backstabbed and exiled after I stopped working on their projects. That is why I do not own the original Living Ragdolls game. They lost interest in a long time until they finally created another game called Living Ragdolls Testing after Living Ragdolls 2 & 3 have long been created and then lost interest again to this day.

Q: Why is a group banned from the game?
A: Groups that have broken a rule are blacklisted from the game.

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