Load a map fully

I will keep it simple. When I join my roblox game which has a very big map with 2 airports, it doesn’t load fully from the start as you see:

Right now the only way to load these missing spots is to go up to them and they will load. But the
players can’t visit every corner of my map.

How can I make my whole game load at the same time so I and other players can see everything?

This usually has to do with your in-game graphic settings. The more you increase the graphic settings the more distance you see. You can’t make it so that ALL players see all of the map because some players will always use a lower graphic settings. Roblox makes lower graphic settings see less distance to decrease lag.


As @nick stated, it’s a graphics thing.

If you have a faster computer you’ll see more, but it’s limited to what Roblox actually allows for their max distance settings. How far in studs do you estimate from your camera to the ‘edge’ of your visible distance showing?

If you have multiple players playing the game they’ll each see as much as their computer will allow. It won’t affect other players.

So this is the maximum looking distance? I have my graphics to full. Or can I change something in the game / studio settings?

The thing is, let’s say, if I fly to those “missing” spots I can see even further than before at the same distance from it. So if I fly to the whole map and get back to the beginning, I can see the whole map without any missing spots.
So is there another way of doing it except for flying?

Perhaps you could teleport the player to each section of the map during a custom loading screen?

Other than what people’s been suggesting already, with the graphics settings, it could only be that you have streaming enabled. Otherwise goodluck lol

If you search the Streaming Enabled section of the create.roblox.com that @ClearlyVi recommended you’ll see that if Parts are loaded from one section and the player moves to another then the first section Parts may stay loaded depending on the player’s computer performance.

IT WAS THE STREAMING ENABLED THING. OMG thank you @Scottifly and @ClearlyVi

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