Load sounds from file

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to test my sound effects in game. I’m working on engine sounds currently, and it’s difficult to gauge how good a sound is without hearing it in game. So every time I want to update my engine sounds, which are split into more than one file to allow the script to mix them depending on the game conditions, I have to upload them all to the site, grab all the IDs and input them, which is time consuming and expensive.

If I were just able to open an explorer browser and choose a sound from my PC to allow testing in studio and local servers it would make this process much easier.


This could be extended to other assets too, especially images and meshes


I could have sworn we can do this for decals already.

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I’m not aware of the ability to test with local image files as a feature. I am aware of the ability to upload images to the website in Studio.

Is there a feature I’m not aware of, or are you talking about uploading images to the site from Studio?

I think it would be excellent if we could test any asset we wanted in-Studio then press ‘upload’ when we’re sure we like it. On Roblox’s side, this is both a plus because it makes development easier and it will result in less images that need to be moderated.


It is still extremely annoying having to pay Robux to try and test unfinished audio in-game. Are we ever going to get a way to use local audio files in studio so we don’t have to upload assets to see if they work well in-game?

Edit: Turns out you can do it, but you have to use third party mod managers to keep moving your files around every time the studio version changes, which is only barely more convenient.


The same idea applies to Meshes and Images. They often get uploaded for no real reason, serving just for testing purposes, and then clutter your inventory space (and Roblox’s memory) when you don’t need them anymore.

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We need this feature.

I agree that it’s currently extremely annoying to have to pay robux just to make sure an asset functions, and then upload the final asset, which could double or triple the audio price depending on how many times you have to reupload the asset.

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See I don't want to pay for uploading sounds

There are no plans to address this now, so if you want to get it on the roadmap, these threads are going to need to get a lot of people posting on them + likes


It’s not even that I want to upload sounds for free, I just want to use local files without having to stuff them into the Roblox install directory


Yeah, same principle. No plans to address.

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There doesn’t seem to be anything in the post you linked that states them not having plans to address the issue of local sound files having to be put under the Roblox directory - just to test them before uploading them.