:LoadAnimation() only plays once per animation

I’m trying to create a statue with dancing animations that are collected from a table in order, however, it’ll only play each animation once - stopping at the last one, though it prints a different animationId.

The animations used are default roblox dances, R6 versions.

local anim = script.Dance --animation instance

local anims = {
	"http://www.roblox.com/asset/?id=182435998", --default dances

local animator = Instance.new("Animator")
animator.Parent = hum

anim.AnimationId = anims[int]
local track = animator:LoadAnimation(anim)

it could be because of Roblox’s animations since they loop, and our action animations work (not necessary here), but how could I prevent this?

Int is the integer to get around the table.

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You must use a loop to play every animation and yield until the animation completes using track.Stopped:Wait()

I also recommend reading this AnimationTrack | Roblox Creator Documentation

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The issues are:

  • the dances are looped, so I don’t think .Looped would help in this scenario,
  • the animations get switched once a .ChildAdded was fired.

I don’t think yielding with track.Stopped:Wait() would help in this case. Sorry for the vague information.

I mean using a for loop

local humanoid = npc.Humanoid
local animationInstance = Instance.new("Animation", script)
local animations = {
  ["testidhere"] = 5 -- The number here it's how much times the thing will repeat

for anim, length in pairs(animations) do -- The index must be a string
     animationInstance.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://"..tostring(anim)
     local track = humanoid:LoadAnimation(animationInstance)
     wait((track.Length * length))

I’m trying to import this into a .ChildAdded event, not a for loop, therefore I won’t be able to know the length. The animations are default R6 dances, used as a general command /e. Here’s what I mean:

list.ChildAdded:Connect(function(child) --event
	local desc = plrs:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(userId)
	int += 1

	ui.Username.Text = name
    --animation stuff here
	anim.AnimationId = anims[int]
	local track = animator:LoadAnimation(anim)
	if int == #anims then int = 0 end

Once every single animation has been played, the table loop still continues, but the last ID in the table doesn’t stop playing at all when refreshing to the beginning, [1].

In other words:
when a child is added to a list, the character’s appearance is loaded in, the name for the text, and the animation is expected to change every time a child has been added, in int order. However, when it reaches the last string (or animation id), it continues playing it - not allowing the table to restart from beginning, but it prints the ids in the rightful order, just doesn’t load it in.

Okay, this was fixed by replacing a new Animator object every time a new animation needed to be played, and destroy the old one beforehand. Thank you for suggesting a solution, @RiverCryptz! Could use that in near future.