Loading and Unloading certain areas

I know streaming enabled exists.However I want to use something more specific

How exactly do you load and unload parts.I want to know where I should parent the parts to:
ReplicatedStorage? ServerStorage?

I already have a system to detect area triggers and unload certain parts of the map.

(For example,I have an interior area with no windows to the outside,entering a trigger where you can’t see the outside anymore will cause everything else to be unloaded,and vice-versa)

ServerStorage is your best bet.

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Replicated storage is shared between the server and client.
Server storage is only accessible from the server.

If you’re doing something like changing maps in a mini game, clone your map into the workspace from Server Storage via a Server Script.

If you’re doing something like having a chunk loading system for optimization, clone your map segments from Replicated Storage via a local script.

What’s your use case? Could you be more specific?

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I have already explained,my interior area has a lot of detail (Probably my fault for doing this out of parts and not a texture)

Whenever you are entering this area through a tunnel,there is no windows to the outside,as such I wish to unload everything else except the interior area.

I’m not looking for streaming enabled since its an “Uneven” type of unloading and loading parts.I want to control exactly what I unload and where I do it.