Loading bar not positioning itself correctly

I am trying to position my loading bar “top” to the left to have a smooth load from left to right rather than in the photo where it’s “middle to left and right.”

I’ve already changed size and position to a scale point and it still won’t budge.


Hello remiel430!
Make sure to check the Anchor Point Property of the loading bar

Can you please attach your code?

This is what resizes the bar
bar.Size = UDim2.new(amt,0,1,0)

Hi, It’s .5,.5 on all both top and clipping of the bar

Can you show me the whole script or what is relevant to the loading bar? I cannot help you if I don’t know what amt is.

local AssetsToLoad = workspace:WaitForChild("Map"):WaitForChild("Front"):GetDescendants()

local TotalAssets = #AssetsToLoad/4.5

local barBase = loadingScreen.Bar

local barBG = barBase.Clipping

local bar = barBG.Top

local txt = barBase.txt

local RPLogo = loadingScreen.Logo

for i = 0, TotalAssets do

local v = AssetsToLoad[i]

local amt = i/TotalAssets

txt.Text = "Assets: "..i.." / "..TotalAssets

bar.Size = UDim2.new(amt,0,1,0)



That’s it! The anchor point should be 0, 0.5

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Make sure the Anchor point for the bar to be: (0,0.5)

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Aha! Thank you all so much! I’m not much into anchor points I never really tried finding out what it was but I got it now, thank you!