Loading certain assets in sequence. [Loading Screen]

Hello I am making Loading Screen, and I’m using ContentProvider to load assets in game.
ContentProvider loads assets randomly like: SomeService > Model > Script > Model > etc.
But I want to load assets in sequence like: GUI > Models > Scripts > Textures.
I was looking for that, but I didn’t found that.

You have to load just the GUI stuff first, wait for it to finish, load the next kind of thing, wait for it to finish etc.
In fact, it is (or was, before ContentProvider could report progress granularly?) recommended to load one or few assets at a time to know the exact progress for a loading bar.
I think there were some good examples on the devhub’s ContentProvider article or stuff linked from there.

I think it would be recommended to put Items in ReplicatedFirst so they can be the first to replicate for the Client, this would be useful for Loading Screens as it takes some time for the Client to Download everything.

There are many Tutorials for this, this one being an example:

Basically, what they are doing is getting the Descendants, GetDescendants returns an array, because it returns an Array, you can use a for loop to Preload them, but PreloadAsync requires a table, you cant use the table with descendants, so you have to to do it yourself with the item dwuring the iteration:

for index,item in Ex:GetDescendants() do -- Iterates through all children
    ContentProvider:PreloadAsync{item} -- Preloads the item the loop is iterating through

Its a really basic system.

But, since you want a Sequence, use this and check if the item you’re looking for is under a specific class, and if so preload it