Loading character with plugin plop head and hair off the character

Hello Developers!
So as you can see from tittle, im trying to load the character.
The issue is that, i can’t just load normal character, because of the head, hair and all the hats going on back of character.
I tried just replacing the head and other stuff but then head is magically not moving with torso.

Note: i know this topic was alredy solved but nothing was working for me.

We have had this issue before, and we believe the cause was a ‘back accessory’. Try having that person remove the sword from their avatar and attempt to re-spawn it in.

ok, ill try that and hope that helps

Well actually i don’t have to.
I re-opened the studio and Now Nowapro10 is kinda normal.
anyway thanks for replying

Please mark the post as solved.

if you just remove the humanoid then add it back in that works aswell

thanks but its been 2 years xD