Loading into Studio Playtest desperately needs optimization/improvement

As a Roblox developer, it is EXTREMELY frustrating loading into studio playtesting for large games. Watch this video of me pressing Play on my game in studio.

During the loading process, the entire studio window is frozen as its trying to load the map and tons of assets in my game, despite them already being loaded in the studio viewer before pressing play.

Note that this is not a PC issue, I have an i9, 32 GB of ram, a 2080ti, all drivers up to date, plenty of storage, free memory, etc., it should not be taking 30+ seconds to load into a studio playtest. Let me also clarify that my game is large, with 160k lines of code, thousands of image/mesh/texture assets, and probably a 20k-part map. This loading time has been an issue I’ve been dealing with for years in this game and have just now decided to post a feature request/bug report about it.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would no longer have to wait 30 seconds to load into my game to test a one line script change, sometimes forgetting what I even wanted to load in to test. When adding new features or fixing bugs, this 30 second load time builds up after needing to load in 10+ times and becomes extremely aggravating and demotivating.


I’ve had way worse. In general, Studio isn’t that good to use for larger games.
Video of waiting for everything to load for a simple playtest:

It shouldn’t take the 5 minutes it is


This is just my understanding but technically, when you start a playtest it’s like starting 2 more instances of Roblox (DataModels actually). Studio uses multiple DataModels at once, the home screen has it’s own, the edit mode has it’s own, standalone plugins (and plugins?) has it’s own. (Forgive me if this or everything I said is incorrect here however)

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