"Loading Place. Please wait..." message appears in studio at random times

So sometimes while I’m building in studio, and delete something using the delete key on my keyboard, this message will spawn in Explorer.

I really don’t know why, it’s not loading anything as it’s just a message, and it’s referencing the place as if it’s important or something.

It’s probably being caused by an extension but I don’t know, has any one else experienced this?

Moved to Bug reports.


It’s when you click Edit in an existing game and then make a few changes. If you undo all of the way back to the first change, the message will pop in.

Why though? it doesn’t go away normally and it doesn’t seem like a way ROBLOX should properly display a message.

Definitely just a mistake on their part. Not hard to delete it from the Workspace for now.

I’m curious… if you update your game with the Message, does the Message show up in-game?

Archivable is false, as per the screenshot, so no.

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I’m pretty sure it would.

It won’t:

This message is created by the edit.ashx Lua script.


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