Loading Screen Background Opinion!

Does This Loading Screen Look Better With or Without Images In The Background?

These Are The Loading Screens With Background Images, I Made It So It would get a random images
as a Background image every time.

These Are The Loading Screen With NO Background Images!

Any Feedback Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

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I like the top 2 bottom one but it really depends if you want players to really sort of get a idea of the game before they play(besides the name)

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I prefer the loading screen with images. Take it from other professional games, like the ones in the app stores, e.g., Clash Of Clans; they use loading screens with captivating images and tips at the bottom of the page, which you can read while waiting for the game to load.

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Iā€™d say initially have the no background image and prioritise loading in the background images first and then once their all loaded in use the background images

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Maybe try adding some blur to the images and see how it looks.