Loading Screen Feedback and suggestions

This is my basic loading screen for my new unreleased game, I would like some feedback and what I should add. Keep in mind, am open to any feedback! Thank y’all.


the looks kind of great, but it might be made better… for example, you can add like effects or something in the background and not just plain blue, and i like how clear the “title” is, the user might see kt well and clear since it dosent font with the background. and that gui with 0/0 should be a little moved to the left a little, it should be in the middle middle.

Thanks for your feedback. But, can you give more details on the effects? What should be in the background??

you can for example, use something like stripes with 2 different colors (fonts shouldn’t have that much difference,) if you know what i mean
or you could do the loading screen with a small image of the game logo
and another option of doing an animated thing like a light bulb starting to glow and turn off, there is just so many ideas

I was thinking of doing another screen after the assets of loaded too. Thanks for the ideas!

and there is also one that provides a script, of like there is a bottom text that says tips or funny stuffs or anything you want, here’s an example:

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This loading screen looks good, it’s fairly basic though. Otherwise, nice job on it!

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