Loading Screen Gui only working once

Hello! So I recently made a loading screen and it was working perfectly in studio. However, when I play the published game it only ever loaded the first time. Every time I join the game now, it just doesn’t show up at all. It puts me straight into the game with no loading screen. What could be causing this? I have no clue and I have tried to fix it multiple times.

I will attach my script below.

Can you link the game, so we can see if it happens on our end?

Of course, sorry I should have done that before.

Ok i tried it 3 times…

1st played normally…
2nd time i clicked the skip button half way thru the loading screen to test it for the next time…
3rd time it played normally.

Maybe its on your end for some reason?

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It didn’t work for my friend either though.

Did you copy the tutorial correctly?

Yeah i copied it exactly, but after I added more features and changed it.

Alright I fixed all the errors, still doesn’t work :frowning:

Any datastores?

There are none, not yet at least.

Doesnt work for my alt either.

Try logging out of Roblox and then back in and try.

Edit: also remove the double player variable, redundant.

Can you write your code out in a code block not as an image

Thank you sooo much for all your help :slight_smile: have a good day

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I got it working, thank you though. I will do that next time!