Loading Screen Plugin Tutorial

I just made a plugin!

Have you ever wanted to make a loading screen that actually loads stuff? Or do you know how, but just don’t feel like coding it? Well this is the plugin for you! You can easily set the title of the loading screen, add things to load, enable skipping, etc.
It even has an easy to navigate gui:

Here’s a simple tutorial:
Open the gui from the plugins menu, and chose a title for the gui. I recommend using the game’s name. Now, start finding things you want to load; Decals, Images, Meshes, Animations, Sounds, etc. Once you have them selected, press the green “Add selected item to preload list”. This should add everything you had selected to the list of preloads. If you want to remove something, simply press the remove button. If you want to preload everything inside it too, click the “Preload Descendants” button. If at any point, you want to turn off your amazing new loading screen, you can just click the box next to “Loading Enabled”. The show progress button is whether or not it should say stuff like “Loading PistolMesh (5/75)” while its loading in the gui. Skipable is whether or not you want the player to be able to skip the loading process. If they skip it, it will not finish loading everything however… If for any reason you want to script something special for when it finishes loading, feel free to turn off “Hide after loading completion”. The gui is easily customizable:
Sniped! (remake) - Roblox Studio 2_14_2022 2_40_24 PM

Notes for customizing the loading gui:
— you can feel free to change the position, color, size, text, etc of everything there. However, if you remove stuff or change the hierarchy, it will consider the Gui as “Customized” and therefore, the bar won’t fill, nor will anything else happen. If you want to custom-script this gui or change the hierarchy, set the bool value “Default” in the gui to false (or delete it). Then, feel free to alter the hierarchy how ever you want! Don’t modify the Loader script, just add a new local script into your customized Loading gui to manage anything in the gui. Read the "Read me " script for more information on custom guis.

I hope you find this plugin (and tutorial) helpful!

You can get the plugin here: Loading Screen Plugin - Roblox

Enjoy! (Comment any bugs or suggestions either on this post, or on the plugin itself)


I recommend using attributes instead of values.

Still gettin used to attributes’ existence lol

Maybe I’ll implement that in a future update

Don’t worry it’s better and easier lol.

I’ll work on that new update now!

Hi can we have a picture of the gui?

This is the default, but it is easily customizable.

Update 1.1.0!

For performance and clutter reasons, most values have been changed to attributes, but not the ones that will affect any custom scripting you may have done for the loading screen.

Also some ui updates.

Can I have the option to remove the gray background gui and title

its easy, just go into replicated first, find the LoadingScreenPlugin folder, look inside the LoaderScript, open up the LoadingGui, and change the MainFrame’s background color.

Amazing plugin I also recommend using a gui plugin to make your gui even better. I can recommend some.

Nah, I just tried to make it very simple and customizable, it wasn’t supposed to be anything fancy.

Does this still work or are there any alternatives? Doesn’t seem to appear for me in plugin menus