Loading sounds with Code

I am trying to load in these audios with code in a game, however, the group the game is under does have ownership of the sounds I am trying to load, but it does not have access whatsoever, do I still need to manually go into all of their settings and add the game? Thats too much ifso, its like 30 ish audios.

From my knowledge, there is no possible way to load in audios via script that aren’t owned by you.

Code can only do what you can manually do, if you can’t use the audio by inserting it in the explorer and setting the id then code won’t either.

I mean [i think i put them into the explorer], I meant they get played by the script! But somehow, its by the group the game is owned by and it fails to load.

What does the error in the output show?

unable to load sound data is shown.

Try bulk importing the audios.