Loading/Home Screens + Misc. UI Interface Feedback

Howdy, developers!

While typically I am just a builder, about 4 days ago I decided I wanted to learn UI creation and programming as away to easily project my concept and ideas into a project I am currently working on- If you want something done right… do it yourself, right?

Thanks to a wonderful introduction to UI creation tutorial by CovertCode, I was able to quickly learn the ins-and-outs of all the different variables and constraints.

I’d love to hear your guys’ feedback on elements I could add or fix to truly maximize a player’s first impression and quality of play, thanks!


Looks good! There are a couple things I would tweak but you never have to.

In the last image, the Cancel and Purchase Gamepass buttons don’t have the same amount of space on the top and bottom. I suggest changing this for a cleaner look! :smiley:
I would also suggest to make the loading screen percent TextGUI to not be text scaled top-to-bottom, as it just looks to crowded for me.

Besides that, it does look wonderful!

Good catch, thanks!
I agree with you on the loading screen, something about it just feels off. I’ll probably tinker around with the arrangement and overall look some more.

I heavily appreciate the response!

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