Loading/Unloading maps locally


I was looking for Loading and Unloading maps locally but everything what I found, wasn’t what I’m looking for.

What I mean?
I will give you example from very popular game (PSX).
When Player teleports to map (ex. Fantasy World) the previous map (ex. Tech World) is invisible for us but visible for others.

You could try using StreamingEnabled of the workspace, or simply parent/unparent maps on the client when unwanted.

I don’t want to use StreamingEnabled.
I want to make levels which are loading for certain player.
Here is example:

  1. Player 1 and 2 are on Level 1
  2. Player 1 found exist and Level 1 is invisible for him but visible for Player 2.
  3. Level 2 is in the same position like Level 1

you separate the map into chunks, like PSX does for each level/map. Then, you place the inactive maps into replicated storage.

“Objects parented to this service are fully replicated to clients, and normal replication rules apply: any changes that are made on the client persist but won’t be replicated to the server. Client changes may be overwritten if the server does something that overwrites those changes. For instance, a Part parented to ReplicatedStorage by the server may have a blue BrickColor. A client could change this property to red locally, but this change remains only client. Should the server change the color to green, this change would be replicated to the client.”

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Make sure you place the inactive maps using a local script, not a script (server script). Else the map would disappear for all players.

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