Loads of broken icons (Games, Badges, Profile Pictures, and more)


Hi everyone, so I noticed that no game icon or catalog item shows up. I recently just updated my icon 2/3 times for two of my games within the last 45 minutes, that might have something to do with it. I’m not too sure what’s happening and I’m willing to help the Staff team with anything.


I’m using Version 14.0 (14610.


  • Upload icons for multiple games (I think)
  • Then it should fail.



Fixed, I have no idea what happened…

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EDIT EDIT! Issue seems to be fixed, thanks roblox!

EDIT: Seems to me as that I cannot launch games, see my robux, etc. This isn’t good.

Still happening for me:

(mainly the home screen, and the games, icons still won’t show either.)

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For me when the error happened, and when I went to my profile, I could not click on the groups I am in, so I googled the groups, also when this happened to me, I could see my avatar on my profile fine, in the currently wearing photo, but not being able to see the icons of the hats you are wearing is sorta annoying.

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Again, this is the same issue as: No games discoverable

This is usually because the server is having service issues. Inspect element usually spits out these errors and are usually fixed in time.

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Oof. This keeps happening to me. Glad yours works now though!

My game icons get approved showing on the change icon page but nowhere else.
Kinda sucks and makes me confused. Hopefully a patch will come soon for everyone! :happy2:

Note: Switching browsers, or using a VPN could potentially do this. Which, I switched recently and somethings stopped loading.

Please reuse existing topic if issue happens again in the next X weeks