Loadstring() not available, even though it's enabled through SSS

Before anyone says anything, I am aware of the issues with enabling LoadStringEnabled under SSS. I do not care about that right now and I am trying to figure out why I am getting loadstring() is not available. I made a simple LocalScript which I placed inside of StarterPlayer>StarterPlayerScripts. The program running inside looks like this:

loadstring("print(\"Hello world!\")")()

And this is the ouput:

Just so you guys don’t say “Did you double check SSS?”, here you go.

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You cannot use loadstring on the client

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Can’t use loadstring() at all?

What would you suggest if I had to use some form of loadstring on the client?

vLua keeps giving me Script timeout: exhausted allowed execution time

could you show your script here

Uh. Well it’s a fairly complicated system that would take a few paragraphs to explain. I fixed part of the issue by using vLua less however there are scripts that break when I use vLua and don’t when I am loading them properly.

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