Lobby Building for one game

This is a lobby and I need to see that I can add some decoration to it?


Maybe some kind of statue or fountain in the middle?

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Not really sure what you’re looking for, but it has a nice structure overall.

  • Try using custom material textures from the toolbox (or you can make some your self) and add some patterns of some sort to the floor.

  • Also some posters of thumbnails of your game or your other game could really help improve the ambience and the overall vibe.

Hope this helps!

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Do you mind adding more information inside your post or explaining what type of game your going for like is this for a obby game? If so.

It’s decent. The lobby is, basic, and pretty large, but effective when going for a simple lobby look. I would try adding other materials, or textures to the walls as it seems to be all the same material making it look repetitive! There are a few instances where the materials doesn’t match all that well, but overall it’s fine as it is a fountain I don’t think that’ll match with the setting your going for.

Just try placing other materials in the buildings or possibly add something that could fill up the walls a bit something like that could work as there seems to be not a lot going on. The ceiling themselves are basic and flat. Maybe a few images or art on the walls to make it more attractive you could add just about anything but don’t throw a lot of stuff.

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Here are some tips to fill up places:

  • Statue of devs
  • Fountain
  • Plants
  • Pillars
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I’d recommend adding some more colour to the walls / roofs - this could be in the aspect of adding more lights (more detailed lights) or adding strips of colour. Another suggestion would be to use some textures - this could be easily done by typing ‘textures’ in the roblox toolbox.

The first image seems really cool. However, I don’t think it’s neccessary to have such a large lobby. However, if you would like to decorate it, I would reccomend adding something big in the middle. Some air deco might look cool too. What if there was a mini obby or some sort of game in the middle?

I suggest not leaving it open, possibly add arches or some kind of decoration that breaks the room from being open.