Lobby [Feedback]

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Hello, there fellow Developers! So I created a post yesterday about some feedback on my lobby that I created and after looking over the feedback and suggestions I got from that time, I started to work on improvements and any bugs that I would find! So I started working on the lobby and finished the full thing in the span of 3 hours.


The first image is a Spleef area where players can go during intermission, and the rest are parts of the lobby and scenery. Any feedback or suggestions is appreciated!


This looks good! It’s better than mine lol. :smirk:


I love it, just detail it more. It could involve more different type of trees, logs on the floor, leave piles, caves, grass features, etc. You could also involve some structure scenes too, this will give a nice feature to it.


This is a nice lobby, I actually like it!

Overall, it looks great. The style and color are excellent and unique. But in my opinion, I feel like there could be some other types of vegetation around the map mainly on the mountain parts, bushes, flowers to give the ground a little more life. Maybe add some vacant things like shops/buildings to make it a little more lively as well or buildings so players could buy things while they wait! You also might be able to add some vines on the mountains as well!

Anyways, I like what you did with this, the variety of different tree types adds a nice touch to the lobby is the little area in the middle of the lobby a part where players could meet and interact? look fantastic, great job!


Your lobby is quite impressive! I do enjoy the fact that you have a variety of trees and landscape in your lobby, it really brings it more life. For my feedback, though, I suggest rotating the trees a bit to give them a more natural feel, and change the sizes/heights of the trees as well. Other than that, your lobby is fantastic!


Nice work. But I feel like it needs more detail a little bit, other than that I think it is fine. I enjoy the lighting in those pictures as well.


This is a very good lobby you made. But what I would suggest is for you to add a little more detail to add more depth into the lobby and scenery as well.

Other than that well-done creation :smiley:


It looks great, you use a variety of trees around the map giving the map a nice natural feel though you could definitely add some rocks here and there along with other vegetation like bushes for example. Everything looks great keep it up! :+1:


I recommend adding a wider variety of trees. It can be the same type but just with some variation. Also rocks would be nice a nice new feature.


This is a pretty great lobby Everything here looks great, the islands are a bit too bland if you know what I mean. Theres only some bits if grass and a couple trees, maybe add some flowers to them as well or have a house and a farmer there, as for the spleef arena keep it as it is theres nothing to change


love the lighting and lore of the entire lobby! I think this grass could be better though.
But other than that, I am really loving that!