Lobby Music Composition

Hey guys i’m a new Composer to the Roblox Dev community, I just wanted to to receive feedback on the following tracks on what else I could add or make any technical changes before I begin to mix and master.


Just out of curiosity, do you happen to use FL studio?

I like the first one!


I was about to say the same thing. What do you use? The first one sounds great.


I only happen to use Fl studio for mixing Vocals for songs. I use Logic Pro X to produce.


Hi, just want to say something. These audios are… AMAZING, I love a good chill beat to get me in the mood. Good job



Albert, you fool; you could be making millions more if you only stopped making film music.

Inside joke aside, your first piece is covering up the melody so much that I would take it out entirely; just keep percussion and piano. The melody doesn’t offer anything. Personally I dislike beats cause I can’t make them to save my life, so if you would kindly not be so good at your job, I’d be much obliged.

Love ya, brotha.


Hahaha great feedback brotha :rofl:

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Sounds good! These would definitely fit.

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They sound great!! Glad to find someone else that uses Logic Pro X. :slight_smile:

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Absolutely Love it Love it.
Switching to Pro Tools soon though :smile:

I love it too! My father is a big fan of Pro Tools. I must ask, why are you going to switch? I’ve never known anyone that has switched DAWs.

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I admit Logic is a very fast and efficient daw, but for the field I am going in, there is much more of Recording Live Instruments and Sound Design, which Pro Tools is usually intended for.

Ohh that makes sense! Now that I think about it, it seems that most people in the music industry that do live recordings use Pro Tools versus some of the more heavy electronic artists that use Ableton, Logic Pro, and FL. That’s awesome though! It’s impressive seeing someone like you that has knowledge with different softwares.

Yees, I’m trying to get into the Film & Video Game music industry which literally like is only starting to take in Live Recorded Instruments only, or at least Extremely close to real sounding productions which is impossible to recreate.

Yeah you’re right, mostly everything for games and films now is live. I’m hoping to go into the video game music industry but it’s difficult to work with live instruments at this point in time. Do you by chance use EastWest? I’ve gotten some pretty great realistic sound samples from them and you get perks if you’re a student

is it cool if I add you on discord? that way we can geek out over music and not spam forum posts haha

haha sure, forgot about the rules :rofl:

Greetings, I absolutely love the work. Would you happen to commission any of your music composition skills?

I’m sorry but I am currently very full on commissions at the moment, you can add me on discord and I’ll get back to you.

What is your Discord username?