Local (Gravity coil) physics sapped by heavy server physics

I have a gravity coil tool in my game which gets all character descendants, adds up the mass and applies
a proportional force as a BodyForce upward, in the HumanoidRootPart. This is all fine and dandy for most cases, but I have an issue:

Although networkOwnership is for the server, the 5k parts that make up a physically simulated sinking ship still hinder the affect of the locally applied bodyForce. Any ideas? Solutions?
Note that the ships network is actually in the “buffer zone” (indicated by red highlighting) all the time because users are on it, which I wish was not the case, and which I figure is the problem.

since this is unavoidable, I need a work around. I’m scared to change local gravity in the event somehow this propagates to the ships, and causes things to go kaput.

for all parts, turns off automatic network ownership.
Exploiters can still teleport into or shove the ship with their bodies or other locally owned objects though, but it will prevent the ship from moving when changing gravity at least. You would also need to do this on everything else like tiny ship props. Be aware that this can increase server lag and make the ship jittery. You can try making sure that the network owner of the character is also the client themselves too.